questionswhy does ddr3 ram seem to be so much cheaper to…


(only a guess here) maybe older style ram isn't in production or nearly as much so prices are higher.

side note, I'm loving how cheap ddr3 is. I just bought 12gb (3x4) for $75... two years ago I bought 6gb (3x2) of comparable ram for $140.


As newer ram becomes popular (and higher in demand) and the need for previous versions of ram become less in demand, the manufacturers re-tool their factories to manufacture the more profitable ram -- the newer more popular kind.

So the manufacturing stops on the discontinued stuff and you are now stuck trying to find some old stock somewhere. They can now charge a premium for the older ram because the supply is lower but there is still some demand for it.


Everyone is is right. You will notice this with every new version of RAM. Pick up 8GB now and keep it sealed. In 5 years some sucker who bought a used laptop on Craigslist will pay you 4 times the purchase cost. :p


@gregorylikescheapstu: i just did for 20 bucks on newegg after rebate. :DDDD