questionsi am looking for a high gb (>8) laptop or all-in…


Also slickdeals and fatwallet.

But here's the best answer - ignore the RAM that is actually installed. Make sure everything else is good - intel makes the better laptop cpus right now, even a lowly i3 will trump most of the AMD offerings I've seen today. i5 is better. And overall, a SSD drive will provide a faster experience than more RAM.

Upgrading RAM is super cheap and easy right now too. HTH. Also, Tigerdirect is offering 120GB SSDs RIGHT NOW for $50, shipped. To lazy to make a deal for it.


thanks for your reply. What is another term for SSD? I can't find it in specs on Costco.


@xochiluvr: I found a crucial brand on tiger for 49.99 but not one with that many GB. Do you have to buy Specifically for PC! Or laptop? Do SSD's come with new computers?


@harleycat: SSD means Solid State Drive. It's a faster (usually more expensive) optional alternative to traditional rotating platter hard drive storage media. If the Hard Drive specs say something about RPM (5400 is common for laptops) then that's the traditional type of drive.


I bought my most recent laptop from here:

Also, in answer to your other question about memory - desktop and laptop memory are not interchangeable - desktop memory modules are going to be about twice the size of the laptop modules.

I agree on the point of shopping for better processor, graphics, features, hard drive, and RAM (in that order of priority) to get the best experience. Hard drives and RAM are the easiest and most affordable things to change, while also being one of the items that retailers mark up the most when they bundle them in a pre-assembled machine.


@liquidblue1: Thank you again. I know that desktop and laptop memory are not interchangeable, I did upgrade the GB's on my old desktop myself.
I was wondering about the SSD's. Are they specific to the operating unit? Also, do you have a link to the tigerdirect 120 SSD for $50? I could not find it.
You are really great to help me with this. I do appreciate it.