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I own a Kindle Keyboard and a Paperwhite. In normal daylight, they are both easy to read and the letters are reasonably sharp. The Paperwhite is a bit crisper, especially if you enlarge the font. They are both fine in sunlight.

The real difference is in low light, where the Paperwhite's uniform lighting across the page is better (Page is actually front-lit rather than back-lit like some of the other e-readers.) and doesn't requite a reading light or book light. You can set the light level to where it works for you. I still prefer to read with a low light in the room that is not behind me like a reading lamp, but some people like to read in bed with the light out, and the Paperwhite is great for that.

I let other people "borrow" books on the regular Kindle, but the Paperwhite is Mine, Mine, Mine!


The reviewer comments on Amazon bounce back and forth a bit about readability. I can tell you that my basic little Kindle 4 is an absolute winner. I bought an inexpensive LED light that fits into the cover I purchased and gives me all the light I need, and I have moderately poor vision in dim light. Personally, I opted not to get the Paperwhite because I feared it might be a bit too bright for me, again, mostly because of my own vision problems. I understand it has an adjustment feature, though.

So my comment may not be helpful to you, except in terms of price comparisons.


As soon as the paperwhite came out, I sold my Kindle Touch and went straight for the paperwhite. I read in the dark more than in the sun, and I hate using a book light or lamp. The paperwhite is just as easy to read in the sun as the standard Kindle, but much easier to handle at night than a booklight.

@magic cave: The paperwhite goes VERY low. I use it in a pitch black room fairly regularly and it's so dim I can barely read it on the lowest setting - which is perfect because I read when I'm trying to sleep.


Awesome guys, thanks for the help!!!


@omnichad: That's really good to know; thank you for information. I enjoy my basic Kindle a lot (and bought it as an Amazon refurb for a really low price), so I'm not looking to replace it yet, but if I do, it'll probably be for a Paperwhite.

Thanks again!


@omnichad: I have several Kindle Keyboards; love them. Have gifted 4 KKs. Would like the Paperwhite since I read in bed w/the light on. Put off buying one thinking the price would go down as they have for all the previous Kindles.

Plus, I, too, have a question: Does the Paperwhite fall asleep after 10 (?) minutes of no page turns? I love that feature on the KK. I go to bed, read & fall asleep. zzzzzz The KK falls asleep after me. zzzzzz I leave the light on; doesn't bother me. Do want to know if I must close the cover, or manually put to sleep, the PW . ...Or will it do that automatically after page turns end?

Leaving a bedside reading light on is less important to me than running down the battery on the PW because it doesn't turn off by itself. Minor question...would appreciate any info. TIA


@gmwhit: Never had the chance to find out. If I've ever fallen asleep with it on, I wake up and turn it off pretty quick. Looking online it apparently does have that feature.


@omnichad: Thanks for your response! I think, but can't confirm, that the only way it turns off is to shut the cover. And opening the cover turns it on. (snicker). I was hoping that it did it the Kindle Keyboards do. What this means to me is: I'll have to stay awake (worry about) turning off the PW before I drop off to sleep.


I have a Kindle touch, a Kindle keyboard, and a 2nd Gen kindle, and I love them all too much to let go of any of them. I use the touch more, but not exclusively. I lust after the paperwhite, but won't buy 1 due to lack of audio capacities.... I actually use the read aloud feature when my eyes and hands are busy, and the paperwhite won't do that. Neither will the new basic Kindle, I think?


@gmwhit: The Paperwhite will go into "sleep mode" after 10 minutes of no activity. Every time I put mine down "for a second" to answer the phone or make tea, I come back and it is off - as in "back to the start screen with the light off" mode.

Power Modes on your Kindle Paperwhite


@adadavis: Wow!! Perfect - that's exactly what I wanted to know! Thanks so much. Looks like I'm going to be forced to buy it.