questionswhen did the buying limits change?


I have not noticed different limits (except I remember something the other week that had more options). I went to the wine.woot offering and it shows that I can order 3, but it might not be for the item that was there at the time you posted this (it's the 3 pack of jams right now). I'll have to start looking more closely at the amount available to purchase.


Yeah, along with the other changes the maximum quantity changed too. Usually the max is still three, but it can change depending on the item.

The other change is that our system now allows you to purchase more than once a day. Just in case you decide you want more of something (up to the max quantity of course).

Hope this helps! Good luck and happy Wooting!


I didn't notice it - thanks for the update and the reasoning!


Up to 15 shirts? That's awesome. I've also noticed that the limit has been raised on other items as well. ABT may become obsolete!


I've seen different limits from time to time on previous items.