questionsdid woot customer service rep riley lie to me?


Lie is a harsh word....and it's only been three days. Wait until CC processing has been done and then fire back if something's not right. Woot's CS is awesome.


Wow, that was poorly handled on your part.


You know, Riley has never been anything but nice to me. Never. I also prefer using the word "lie" for things that are actual, deliberate, misrepresentations of the truth. I'll bet real money that there wasn't a lie.


@jsimsace: The CC payment has already cleared.


Have you tried contacting Riley, or anyone at woot, before going public?


When you emailed in the order number, did you receive an automatic email within a few minutes containing a ticket number? If not, did you check your spam filter? If you didn't receive the auto-reply with a ticket number, service never received your email.

Service doesn't lie. They're awesome. However, they do have the world's most sensitive spam filters. Someone get these folks gmail! :)


@xxmerlinxx: Sorry for the delay. I don't show any emails with the order number from this account. It looks like the email didn't make it through to us. I do see the order you're referencing on your account, so I've applied the coupon and issued the refund. You should see it reflected in a few business days.


@kkshields: Nicely done. It's nice to know that if there is an issue it will be handled with accordingly. Every company has issues but its how you handle them that makes the difference. Now if only you could fix the server crashes when a bag of crap pops on we would be all set.


Woot Service has been nothing but excellent the couple of times I have needed them.