questionswhat have you caught people or person doing in a…


You're the type of person that gets honked at to move when the light is green, aren't you?

Me? I've had a flashlight shined in my face a few times when I was younger. Not my proudest moments, no, but hormones man, hormones.


Actually im the person that Honks at the person when the light turns Green HAHA! Speaking of lights getting shinned in my face.. Don't you hate it when you go over a hill and the person comming at you has there high beams and fog lights on?? WTF Do you need all that light for.. i alsost wrecked into a mailbox one time.. who's falt would that be??? Mine?


@sennetb: Probably, since that guy would drive off, without you getting a license plate number or even year and model of the car.

I've seen some weird stuff on the road. I've seen people completely change their clothes (even underwear), I've seen the nose pickers, and I've even seen some things that are past the PG-13 rating that deals.woot strives to maintain.


You really think Deals.woot is PG-13? what 13 year old has a credit card?


@sennetb: When I was 13 I was programming credit card generators :)
jkjklol fyi


This doesn't really count since it's not a car, but in India we drove past a motorcycle carrying a family of 4. The wife was sitting side-saddle on the back breast-feeding the younger of the two children.


Shouldn't the question be "Any cops here with some good stories to tell?"

The one that most amuses me is the people talking (often in animated way) to thin air. I presume they have a hands-free cellphone going... But until pretty recently, talking to yourself in a car while waving your hands around was generally considered grounds for being considered at least "eccentric"...


@sennetb: Most, if not all, vehicle fog lights turn off with the brights on... FYI.

They probably just have newer headlamps.


Head banging and singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody.


@sennetb: It's not all about the buying as much as the fun conversations we all have as Wooters! You don't have to buy to have a good time :-D


What's so wrong with people picking their nose while in the car?

I've changed clothes while in a car, never underwear, but... I always do it while I'm stopped. Never while in motion.

I can't stand the women who put on makeup while driving. Not paying attention at all.

I also had a guy following me swerving so I went into the other lane because I thought he wanted to pass. He sped up and i looked over, he was reading a book...


@mommyleah: Sometimes, when I'm stuck at a stoplight for a while, I'll go all out with the head banging and rocking out, windows down, but without any music playing. People stare. A lot, and it's hilarious. I also do it with music, but it's not as funny.


Behind a van at a stoplight and the driver of the van was jawing at the car next to him pretty heatedly. He tried to get out and go after the guy in the car but he forgot to take off his seatbelt and almost hung himself. Really funny because both guys looked like they were about 75.