questionshas anyone seen a refrigerator with an ice maker…


Are you talking front panel ice maker or just a unit inside the freezer part that produces ice? With that budget I'd expect 8-15 cu feet units. Though I have a store locally that has "dent" specials, even marks that you can't see, but can't sell full price, for that budget.


@j5: Is your refridgerator running?

Better go catch it. :)


I just bought a Whirlpool 14.4 cu ft. Top Freezer with a free Whirlpool Automatic Ice
Maker Kit from Lowes for $449. I needed a spare for my basement.


Wow! I post a link to refrigerators with ice makers for less than $500 and get down voted. You guys are awesome!

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@j5: It's not what you said, but who said it thats getting the down votes :-) I have that same problem. Hope this helps :-P


@nmchapma: But my mom (stats page) says I have high awesomeness....oh well it did the other day, now I'm just medium awesome. You'd think I was pinchechat or something. :D

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I have had great experiences shopping Sears Outlet center for appliances.

or specifically here for a 25 cu ft unit with ice dispenser.[0%20TO%20100]&fltcond=Reconditioned%20/%20Refurbished&fltsp=[0%20TO%2050000]&fltshippingwidth=[0%20TO%20100]&fltcond=Like%20New&fltshipping_height=[0%20TO%20100]&pn=1&ps=24&pid=79660&mode=buyUsedOnly&itemSelectionType=Reconditioned%20/%20Refurbished,Like%20New