questionswhen is the best time to get deals on a winter…


When they're on sale. Click me

Also to be serious, I'd assume the end of winter would be better. When demand is down it seems like price should go down.


Around here, February. That's when we switch from light jacket to sweater weather around here, punctuated by the occasional random climactic hiccup. Rather than store them for the summer or send them back to wherever coats wait to go out of fashion, they discount them heavily. In most of the US I would imagine that would be more in April or May. When does it get warm in blizzard country? I seem to recall we put the coats away in early May back when I was a kid in the northeast.


End of winter. I always buy good winter jackets at the end of the season for my boys to wear for the next winter. I usually buy one size larger than what they currently have and it pretty much works out, and saves a ton of money. You can find some steep discounts once Spring is on the way.


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I always see good jacket/coat sales right after Christmas here where I live.