questionswill amazon gift cards or account balances ever…


@durkzilla: Cool concept, and while I think it would be very handy, I doubt that it's going to come anytime soon... Amazon may have acquired Woot as a whole, but they seem to still let their subsidiaries (or lesser branches, in cases where they're just not as cool as Woot) maintain a high level of autonomy.

Perhaps about the same time that we all have RFIDs in the US and can use our cell phones to pay at vending machines, as our bus passes, etc... Then Skynet takes over and we've got a really, really big mess on our hands :)


Skynet's already here, but I think it was recently acquired by someone...

Wait a minute, I'll go check.

Nope. I was wrong, it did the acquiring.


@shrdlu: Reading that wiki page, I was expecting to see something like: 2020: Skynet mainframe launches nuclear warheads to destroy human life.


@shrdlu skynet can't do that... later..who going to consume their garbage?