questionsshould we get paid for what we do?


The point of deals.woot is to steer people towards great deals. It is assumed that you also find some great deals with the site that are posted by someone else. Therefore, you do get paid in a "pay it forward" sort of way. You save money on a deal and in turn you help someone else save money on a deal. Everybody wins.


People helping people find deals = deals.woot


Also, lately, deals.woot has a "helping people launch their own daily deals webstore and fill the deals with their inventory" feel to it. A lot of vendors here (both open and hidden) are hawking their websites. Not that it's all bad, just that it's a bit removed from the exchange of deals among fellow consumers ideal.


@wisenekt: Exactly!!! Besides, sometimes I buy something and resell it on eBay or CL for more. SEE...I get paid.


It seems like a lot of us are already being paid by doing this at work.


"But I often wonder. If I put up a deal, let's say on a dvd and that company sells maybe 20-30 more because I listed it here, maybe I should get a little something extra?????"

So go hold your hand out to that company, considering they are the ones who made money off the additional sales, not woot.