questionswhat do you like/dislike the most about woot's…


There's a lot going on here and will take some time to get used to. It's like Woot on crack. But I do agree the ease of switching between sites is nice.


I really, really dislike the "List Price" next to Woot's price. I've always felt companies that did this were extremely misleading about the actual "deal" you were getting, because let's be honest, how often do you see something anywhere online for MSRP? I think it'd be a much more honest and consumer-friendly idea to show the lowest found price for the item online, as compared to Woot's price.


I typically use my iPod touch to check out the Woot! Sites, while it was never as easy as using a full computer it has gotten painfully difficult to navigate using this mobile device, assuming the same problems for others


Huh??! I just discovered... You can't up-vote answers in a question that you have posted! I imagine it's the same for down-voting too... What's that about??


Likes: The top navigation bar to switch between woot sites. $5 all you can ship (though it says this is only temporary, I REALLY wish it was permanent). Woot Plus (more cheap stuff is always better).

Dislikes: Three ads on the homepage (At least they're down low). Can't see the whole item writeup or any of the specs without clicking into it (but once you click in, it's very nice). The "quality post" area is now a scrolling screen that takes longer to read them all (don't like that AT ALL). Deals.woot didn't get any changes that I see so far. (edit: just saw your post regarding voting)

Overall, I can appreciate a website making an effort to make things easier for us. Though I really didn't have many (any) complaints in the first place...


@valtr0n: I agree!! Another site I visit (1SaleADay) does the same thing and even gives a total at the bottom of the page on how much they've saved shoppers. This morning it reads: "We've Saved Americans $1,282,862,941.68". REALLY??? Over 1 Billion Dollars in savings???


I agree about the scrolling QPs - not a fan just because it's harder to read, but I hate scrolling news feeds on TV too.

I do like the tabs at the top for easy navigating and hovering to see what it is. Similar to the side pics before, but I think it will help when there's a little overlap (when woot sells something like a Roomba that might also be suited on home.woot)

I wish there was a dedicated place to discuss the "plus" items.

I'd like more transparency in how the "list price" is determined - is it full-price from, is it an average, etc.


I like the design overall. Even though there's more "stuff" there, it seems to be a cleaner look overall. The links to all the various Woot! sites on top is nice, and I appreciate having all of my previous purchases right there in one spot.

I also do not much like the MSRP being listed. It would be great to have a "This is the cheapest we found it on the interwebs" price instead.


So far I like the tabs at the top with the extra info when you hover. The combination of purchases is really nice. Cool on the $5 shipping even for a limited time.


@dealseekerdude and @purplefeather: I'd even be okay with an average online price next to Woot's price. The MSRP really just makes it seem so tacky. Woot really can't think they're going to trick consumers into believing they're actually saving THAT much money...


Wtf is with the disappearing deals and questions? All my stuff from last night is gone

/rage quit


@valtr0n: Just copied this from the info box that appears when your mouse hovers over the "List Price" next to the item: "List Price is the original sticker price, the MSRP, or our own best attempt to find the full price online. It's mostly worthless, so we rely on Wooters like you to post the best price comparisons in our forum. You'll be a hero!" So, they're admitting that it's really not needed! Huh? Why have it there then???


I feel a bit lonely, since I'm the only one (so far) who doesn't like the top tabs. When I first log on I check what's happening on the other sites, if I haven't already read the daily digest, so for those brief moments the tabs are useful. After that, however, the tabs do nothing except take up real estate on my monitor, which means less space for the stuff I'm actually reading, which means more scrolling.

I'd like the tabs a lot better if they weren't set up as frames (is that the term I'm thinking of?) and went out of sight as I scroll downward.

I'm also not fond of the mini-description on that takes extra clicking to get to the full text.

Given the growing number of people who access this site through a mobile device, I'm really surprised that TPTB made changes making mobile access more difficult.


i dislike how big it is and all the extra unneeded text, i also dont like the list price it makes woot feel a little untrustworthy somehow, also it may just be my small monitor but woot doesnt format to my screen and so i have to scroll sideways.... and i miss the triangle at the top.
Otherwise i like it

oh one more thing- this is your big mature site redesign... WHERE IS AMAZON PAYMENTS! i want to give you my amazon giftcards!


Agree with the general feedback on the order page and MSRP comparison. Overall...

- Consolidated order page
- Limited time $5 combined shipping
- More deals under 'Plus'

- 'Plus' has no comments section of its own
- No link to blog or comments for each purchase on the consolidated order page
- MSRP comparison. As if.
- No marker with your user ID (top of page) for community "status" on either regular or deals woot. How will I get daily reaffirmation that I'm "...better than everyone else" at buying lots of crap?
- Very difficult to view natively on a mobile device. Woot watcher is showing some promise, though.
- The sites seem somehow lacking the cheeky Woot personality / culture, at least on the surface.


Another discovery: not only is there a page-eating cluster of tabs at the top, but there are also large block ads for the other sites on the left side of the page AND big boxes at the bottom of the page. It just seems all cluttered-up to me, with way too much real estate taken up by repeated ad space for the sister sites.


I like the "Stuff you bought" link at the top right. Sometimes I hold off on purchasing a deal because I thought I bought it in the last "Woot-Off". Then I can see what I paid in comparison. Very handy without all the digging.


A bunch of the ads seem to be items I looked at previously on Amazon. That annoys me on the Amazon page, annoys me even more on Woot. Like perhaps I've forgotten what I looked at? And if I didn't order it, that means I DON'T WANT IT.


I don't like the scrolling comments either. I'm like a cat with my peripheral vision (can't read without getting carsick either) and I find myself tracking them across the screen repeatedly even when I wasn't focused on it. Other than that, I'm typically a less is more type girl, so more seems cluttered to me. Top tabs are good (miss my square and triangle), and I'm glad to see that deals at least still looks like "home" to me.


where is the "new" or "refurb" info?


I can't get the whole screen to fit on my desktop monitor unless I decrease the text size. And then I have trouble reading it--kind of defeats the purpose. Scrolling back and forth is futile because some of it still doesn't fit, i.e. Your Account title

I guess I have to go with smaller print. sigh Dang, where is my magnifying glass?


Someone else already wrote it:

"- The sites seem somehow lacking the cheeky Woot personality / culture, at least on the surface."

(afurball, 40 minutes ago)

The real reason to use Woot! was that. And the people who did the new layout clearly "just don't get it."

So, now, instead of looking forward to clicking on every morning, to see the deal and what the clever ad copy had to say ... even if I didn't buy it, it was entertaining ... it'd take two clicks, just to see the not-so-cheeky ad copy.

Sorry, Woot! but you lost a customer.

Yeah, I'll check back from time to time to see if somebody at Amazon has a clue, and puts the woot back in Woot! But, this sad happenstance I fear is just another example of the creeping mediocrity that ensnares society.


I just went and took my first good look at shirt.woot and realized that it's more difficult to find the Derby/Reckoning links. Not really liking that.


It's like moving into a new house. The walls are bare--everything echos--and the furniture is not in the right place. It doesn't feel right. It just doesn't feel like home. Something's missing...


It looks nice and all but really... it's like they are trying too hard!

We've known woot! as the "no frills just want to make a quick buck on volume" kind of company. In a way by seeing a lower tech, "cheesy" website we were reassured that we were getting an awesome deal because woot! didn't have to shell out extra money for web designers and computer programmers.

It was this "no frills" attitude that appealed to me and I have a feeling that many fellow wooters will agree with me. Now it's just like everything is jammed into one webpage and woot! is no different than anyone else by trying to shove social networking down our throats.

I don't know.. it's almost like my intelligence has been insulted a bit with the new design. If I want to know a product's list price let me do the research instead of just taking some website's word for it...


Nobody mentions the font change? I LIKE IT!


@klozitshoper: I'll share my magnifying glass with you--if I find it!


I must be the only one that sees the new design as a cluttered mess. Mixed font sizes all over the place, animated doo-dads, the home page has THREE different places that link to the Woot sites, almost zero white space.

It's like a japanese game show exploded in front of a casino.


It's like a thousand MySpace page designers formed a commune.

Woot is dead, and I'm not sticking around for the wake.


The msrp needs to go, as it's insulting to the Woot community, which is generally more intelligent than your average Web mob. There are too many ads, and they're of the let's-see-what-this-guy-was-looking-at-somewhere-else variety, which is always nice and Big Brotherish. You can't read much of the item description without clicking through, which is annoying. Those scrollable deals that used to be near the current location of the scrolling comments were actually my favorite deal-hunting feature on Woot, and now they're gone. And speaking of the scrolling comments, it's interesting to note they're all positive. Methinks the Amazon overlords have, commanded.


@kz1x: I'm a little confused by your comments. You note that Woot has "lost a customer" with their changes, but your white triangle indicates you've never bought anything anyway.

Are you using a temporary alias to post this?

(All things considered, I agree with your comments, though.)


@magic cave: White triangle means they haven't posted on deals.woot. It doesn't mean they've never bought anything. They created their user id 6 years ago.

In fact, finding them on the Woot community forums, it shows they have 10-24 woots.


@omnichad: No, you're definitely not the only user who thinks the site looks cluttered. It gives me the impression that a box of miscellaneous fonts exploded all over the place.


I don't like that I can't up/down vote comments any longer, at least on my iPad. I can vote on questions and deals though.


@magiccave You are not alone. I'd prefer the top bar a fraction of it's size and not do mouseover popups. Errant mouse movements popping up pictures and text covering up what I really want to see is so annoying. Also agree on the 'break out of frames'.


Sorry guys - I know that lots & lots of work went into this, but - way, way to busy. Minimalist at heart here.

(my last response to this question was removed with the question so I am chiming in again)


Glad Woot is still green (but miss purple sellout), like the font and the easy-to-navigate tabs. I like the thumbnail links to all the sites at the bottom, but those could have been moved to the top instead of tabs, and the real estate on the right could accommodate WootPlus. Just thinking out loud.

+1 on New/Refurbished tags. That's the first thing I missed - I'd like to see them up front.
WootPlus seems like storefronts at the mall all screaming for your attention. I think it should be moved to thumbnails on the right, reinstate the QPs list (don't need avatars on the short list), and return the write-up to its proper prominence. Think of the writers!


@magic cave: No, I've bought a number of items over the years. I have no idea why my triangle is the wrong color. Interesting to see, as the day goes on, the number of comments that aren't wholly positive about the change, and not simply because OF the change.


@notanaardvark: AND . . . My favorite (so far) of the changes - The total price is included on the "Stuff you bought" list.

I paid $9.99 for a 4G memory card in 2009.


I like the top bar but I hate how it follows the screen as you scroll down. I like my screen clutter free and this makes it feel extremely cluttered.


I cannot reply to comments or vote from my ipad anymore, sorry to all of you I wanted to up vote, but sadly I cannot....


I DO like the big "POST" box in the reply box. I used to frequently hit "cancel" by mistake.

I DON't like having all the sites in three different places on the main page. C'mon, talk about hitting us over the head with it. Once is enough. Do you think we can't find the sites?

And just discovered no "back" or "forward" arrows on Deals. I need those.

Edit: I take it back, just found them on Deals. I'll swear they weren't there a few minutes ago.


I don't like how "in your face" woot! plus deals are. maybe it's just me.


Lol anytime Woot makes changes, or has a bad woot-off, a nonstop stream of "I quit" "Woot's Changed" "This site sucks" and "I'm done with Woot" posts are made. So many whiners, seriously, it's not that deep.

I love the new design, it's simple to use and it's very polished. It's beta so I'm sure the triangles will be returned, but everything else is just perfect, so thanks Woot.


@zzzaap: At the risk of sounding stupid, what are Woot Plus deals? I saw it mentioned on Facebook and you're saying they're in your face but I'm not seeing anything labeled Woot Plus.


@ohcheri: Main page right under the main item. On each site.
You're not stupid- the problem is there's just too much going on which makes it hard to see individual features.


It looks a bit crowded and this morning I have a bit of information overload, but overall I think I will get used to these changes just fine.

Secretly, I was hoping for an announcement that they were returning to AA shirts and have officially ditched smart post :) Wishful thinking...


Likes: Home page seems bigger, brighter, and bolder. Other Woot! sites seem easier to navigate to and from. Really like the full Wootiverse purchase history. The biggest like is no more SmartPost!

Dislike: Having to click on read more for the full write up on today's item. I also liked the old way of displaying quality posts in an item's blog. It was very concise. I do like the new graphics, but I have to scroll through the items. These are very minor dislikes.