questionswill you stop buying woot shirts now that they're…


I won't stop completely, however I'm going to have to really like the design for me to buy it. I'm very sad that woot is changing blanks, no other shirt I've had has been able to compare to AA in softness, durability, and overall quality. Changing like this is definitely a mistake.


As long as they aren't made in sweat shops I have no real problem with it.

"As their exhaustive and frank Corporate Social Responsibility progress report shows, Anvil holds itself to high environmental and labor standards. We realize the fact that they're made in Honduras will set off red flags for some people - honestly, we weren't sure about that ourselves at first. But with a 77% unionized workforce and 100% WRAP-certified factories, we're comfortable Anvil is serious about treating its workers decently."


There is pure hatred on that discussion! I thought part of the raising the prices was to keep AA shirts... Guess that's not true... as today's shirt is $12 and going to be on the new blank.


I won't judge til I'm holding an Anvil shirt. If they feel like AA then I'm ok with it. I'm bummed that it won't be made in the USA, but a good shirt is a good shirt.


@jsoko: I don't think they've started using the Anvil shirts yet:

"This change will not be instantaneous. We have a large inventory of our previous suppliers' shirt and we don't want to just dump them in the river (turns out there's a hefty fine) so we'll sell them off and replace them as we run dry.

We'll make it very clear when your size switches to the new version so you can anticipate the change, and we'll post another update when we're completely switched over."


It won't stop me from buying Woot tees. I know that I should be stronger, but if it amuses me, I will buy it anyway.


@jsoko: That was my thoughts too. I have no qualms paying more for USA-made. I do have qualms when I am paying more AND it's imported now. That's part of the whole 1% argument.

BTW, I'm incorrect on the country of origin: these are sourced from Honduras. My personal experience with Anvil blanks were shirts made in Bangladesh and Nicaragua.


@miyoshinum5: Look at the bottom of today's shirt... There's a warning noting the new blanks!

"Hey! Pay attention! If you’re ordering Men’s sizes, they’ll be printed on our new t-shirts. Check the sizing chart and make sure everything’s still the same!"


@miyoshinum5: Today's shirt will be printed on the new blanks.


@jsoko: Hmm somehow I missed the giant orange box, never mind then. That is even more disappointing that the price increase remains even though they're using cheaper shirts.


When the price raised, a Staff member posted:
"Much as we wish we could, we can't run our little t-shirt wonderland on cupid feathers and unicorn smiles. As of today, Shirt.Woot's first-day price for t-shirts will increase to $12.

With a couple extra bucks to pump into the Shirt.Woot Wonder Machine of Fabulousness, we'll hit ever-higher heights of t-shirt glory. We've resisted any price increases for over four years now, and we think twelve dollars plus free shipping is still a pretty rad price for high-quality, exclusive graphic tees.

The sad fact is, nothing in our business - blank shirts, ink, labor, shipping - is getting any cheaper. A happier fact is that Shirt.Woot has a full roster of cool projects in the works for 2012, which we just couldn't do on the incredible shrinking margins of our old price..."


We, collectively, can decide whether we want an economy based in textile manufacturing, or something more profitable or technological.

Sure, it would be nice if we had a choice on every purchase whether or not to buy American, but in all honesty, with the regulations put in place by our own government on business/industry, like a near-$10 minimum wage in LA/California, do you really think they can compete with poorer nations?
Not to mention insane environmental rules, high taxes, insurance, legal fees, workman's comp... Yes, california, you can have your utopia, but don't expect businesses to stay in-state or in-country while you bend them over.


I am not sure how I feel.. I have purchased a multitude of shirts from woot but after the price due to "keeping it in the USA" and then the change so quickly after such a statement, it makes me question the price hike.

At best I will only buy the random shirts if they stay at $6.66.. I don't want to pay $12 for a shirt knowing that the reason is not what was originally stated.

*my boycott is on $12 shirts from Honduras. *


@jsoko: and that makes me even more reluctant to buy from woot if they don't reduce the price back to $10... their profit margin will increase 57% by going to imported tees and not passing the buck to the consumers that support them.

I hate to say it but.. this seems shady


@kamikazeken: American Apparel has been paying around $13/hour for their factory workers already, so the minimum wage is NOT a factor. Keep in mind that recently, Woot also raised the debut day price from $10 to $12.

The US lost over 700,000 jobs in the textile industry in the past decade. And that, in part, is why our economy is still in the shape it is in right now.


@devexityspace: "... Not passing the buck to the consumers that support them."
I'd be happy to see them pass some of the profit to the Artists. I get that a lot of the designers aren't from the USA (correct me if I'm wrong), but at least I could sorta justify buying Woot shirts made from outsourced blanks because supporting artists, no matter where they are from, is important. At least keep SOME values!! SMH

I'm quite unsure whether I will continue to purchase shirts. I may just snatch stuff up from the Reckoning before those designs get switched to the new blanks. This has killed my mood so much that I'm not even interested in the Woot-Off... sigh


@gideonfrost: To elaborate on what @narfcake said... Though Anvil shows corporate responsibility, my concern is jobs moving overseas. A large part of why our economy is faltering and the reason people can't find "good jobs" is because the work available in the US is polarized. You either have to work crappy retail/service jobs like McDonald's, or you have a management, professional, or technical position. The middle range "good jobs" come from factory jobs that produce tangible goods. Factory jobs in the 1970's made up most of the workforce and were jobs people could get without a college degree, but still make a living wage.


I don't see that American Apparel is all that wonderful; the shirts shrink more than they should and are not of uniformly great quality.

I am unable to find any Anvil 980 t-shirts in my laundry basket and I'm not refolding clean shirts looking for some, so I am unable to compare the Anvil 980 t-shirts with the AA ones.

Several of the woot staff have stated that the Anvil blanks are as nice or nicer than the AA ones and do not shrink as much. The 3/8" shorter doesn't concern me much and not at all if they don't shrink as much.

Anvil appears to be doing good things WRT their employees (at least I was unable to find any reports of sexual harrassment of Anvil employees).

American made does not mean better (or worse) quality.

Less expensive does not necessarily mean lower quality either.

I'm going to have to wait for a design I like and get a t-shirt before I make up my mind.


Anvil Shops
Factory Locations: Manufactured in Honduras and Nicaragua

One example of a WRC Interaction: Workers facing verbal, physical, and sexual abuse were fired when they tried to unionize, Anvil did not actively cooperative with WRC investigation.


@publicart: I understand where you're coming from here. I like to think more globally in my mind a Honduran is just as worthy of a job as an American. If Woot's decision to go with these other shirts helps boost the economy of Honduras that can only be good for the whole world in the long run.

More Hondurans with more money equals more spending. Presumably on things Americans make as well.

It's not an ideal situation at all, but Woot is a business and we all want them to keep making shirts and they decided that this is the way they can keep doing that, and possibly more.


Sure it was nice to have woot supporting AA which made their shirt in the USA. Personally I found AA shirts to be OK, I take really good care of all my clothing but my woot shirts shrink like bacon so I have to hang them if I want to wear them for more than a month and that's with already buy them one size to big. I will be happy with the change if as the staff says they shrink less. I am also put off by the price hike and then the switch to a shirt that is nearly half the price of the AA shirts. I think part of that savings needs to be giving back to the customers. As of recently I was paying $17 a shirt due to international shipping, which is a lot of money for me to spends on something I don't need. Shirt.woot needs to bring the price back down to $10 a shirt with the new shirts or they will be ripping off the people who helped to bring their little company to where it is today.


@baqui63: It's not just the shirt, but the impact to the rest of the community.

Wages paid to a worker here in the US is spent here in the US. That means that dollar is spread around, which in turn, keeps other people employed too.

Wages paid to a worker in another country means that dollar isn't coming back.

And to the worker that was here in the US ... they're unemployed. Collecting what's left of unemployment ... instead of being productive.

But the extra profits going to the executives and shareholders would surely pay off, right? Right?


@gideonfrost: "Presumably on things Americans make as well."

Wishful thinking.

It's pretty hard for folks in other countries to buy American made products when we just shipped that product that was American made to their country to make instead!

Especially when your wage is $8. A day.


My initial feeling is that it's going to take a heck of a design to print for me to keep buying them.

First and foremost, I'm annoyed with the AA blanks sale with "Oh BTW we're getting rid of these" no explanation until we all grabbed the pitchforks and torches. The announcement should've come at the same time as the sale if not before. So that put me off on the wrong foot to start.

Then, tonight's news is just bad news all over. I'd prefer American made, ideally, but if the price was still $10, I might still come back-- if, and only if, the shirt quality, breath-ability, and fit remains as good or better on my body, personally. No idea if the Anvils will, but I'm doubtful. However, the price remaining @ $12 while the price of the blanks drop? I see no good explanation for that.

It's probably a sign when all this news has made me incredibly uninterested in the wootoff, despite having $25 in coupons to use. I've got a bad taste in my mouth. Not one that dirt seasoning can cover up.


I'll be less likely to spend on the shirts now. The made in USA component definitely contributed to my impulse buying of shirts.


I'll probably still buy. But that first purchase will be hard not know exactly how it will fit, feel and act once it's washed.


Nothing else sold on woot is made in America.....


I wont since one of my other favorite shirt sites is no better.


Honestly, I never liked the way the other shirts fit anyway.


Yup, my shirt days are over. Price increase for us followed by a significant price drop for them? Don't often get the icky from woot business, but this gives me the ickies.

Only reason I really cared for woot shirts was because of the nice AA fit and that they were made in the US. Would never pay for a boxy, scratchy import. Really too bad. Anvil shirts are garbage. See ya, s.w.


My shirt buying days from woot are over. The fact that they hiked the price to keep AA; then switch suppliers on us about a month later is EXTREMELY unprofessional in my eyes.


@commodog: For one, textiles are a whole other ball game. Second, woot doesn't have the option when it comes to most other stuff...the main woot business is selling what they get their hands on. This is about choosing non-US when the option for US is there. Even if not AA, there are a couple other American textile producers.


Price increase AND not using American products?!?! You kidding? I'm fine with paying an extra $2 for an American product, I'm not OK with paying more for foreign products.

I don't think I'll be getting shirts anytime soon. Hopefully, they will reverse this since it really makes them look pretty crappy.


I'll probably buy the same or even more. If a foreign company can provide Woot with cheaper materials, they would be stupid to not take it. If American shirt or cloth manufacturers can't compete, that isn't Woot's problem. Unless people are being literally forced to work in foreign factories, the combination of cheapest cost and highest quality will get my dollars. Now, if the foreign shirts are significantly worse quality, that could factor in too.


This is disappointing. Are there reasons being given for this change?


I like Anvil shirts. They have more body than the current shirt.woot blanks and they shrink less. I have no black Anvils in my tee drawer so I can't comment on colorfastness, but I have no complaints about the AA shirt blanks on that score.

Honduras factory doesn't bother me, any more than Chilean grapes on my table bother me, or Mexican blackberries in February (yum!). We live in a global market these days, IMO quality trumps location - but I do "buy local" when I can.


This is a sad day indeed.

On the bright side, I've been wanting some cheap blanks in a myriad of colors.

Does the "always buy 3" rule apply to something that already comes in a 3 pack?


@kamikazeken: Well put. I have always though that it is as much our legislation and policies of protecting the "little guy" that makes us unable to compete globally. Plus, do we really need to be the manufacturer of everything? Can't we just focus on some things and just import what we can't make better and cheaper? And, if it gets to the point where we aren't manufacturing anything, is that really a problem?


I feel like we (the community) has been played. Yeah, the extra $2 wasn't fun, but they specifically told us it was to keep AA as the supplier. I personally prefer to keep jobs here, and will support it to a point. That point can be flexible, depending on my financial situation, but I do try.

Then, to quietly switch to another supplier, while keeping the inflated price, strikes me as dishonest and moreover greedy. I have no problem with companies making a profit. Profits are good. Playing me for a sucker is bad.

As others have said, it kills the joy of the wootoff. I need to give serious thought as to whether I want to continue to support Woot! if this is how they want to do business. Not because of US vs imported goods per se, but because I feel as though they lied to us.

Won't make much difference to their bottom line, but this really is a site about impulse buys and discretionary spending. Nothing here I need, although I would miss the community. Just my $.02


The shirt.woot folks appear to be channeling their inner Netflix...


Where a shirt is made honestly doesn't make that much of a difference to me. AA makes a darn good shirt, I'll definitely agree with that. But I have a hard time believing Hanes and all those other big shirt manufacturers dont do at least some of their business overseas.

I get it. Times are tough, costs need to be cut if possible. If the savings can be passed on to us, even better. If not, so it goes.

Sure the shirts probably wont be as good as AA, but as long as it lasts as long as any other average shirt, I don't see too much of an issue.


My purchasing power will be used to tell American companies that investing in America is the way to go. And no whining about profit margins, rising health care costs and collective bargining in the're the intelligent CEO's and finance wizards - figure it out instead of running to a 3rd world country to take advantage of those uneducated workers.


I work for an organization that is proud to manufacture in the USA. I've purchased my last Woot t-shirt.


@cbellono: I know I have expressed my displeasure with this whole thing, but please keep in mind that they have said that the Long Sleeves will still be AA.


Sadly, my 125 previous Shirt.Woot purchases have nothing to do with where the shirt comes from. It's just a sad addiction..


@benyust2: "And, if it gets to the point where we aren't manufacturing anything, is that really a problem?"
Yes, yes that IS a problem. What is going to happen when our dollar is worthless? We focus far too much on money. Let's say you go to gamestop to buy a game. Say you don't have enough cash though. So you say "Well, I've got these 2 games..." And so instead of denying you for lack of cash, they allow you to trade in your games and have the value deducted from what you owe. But if you didn't have those 2 games, you would not be making your purchase. Same thing on a bigger scale. Money is just paper. it has monetary value, but monetary value isn't going to get you anywhere when no one wants US dollars because they'd rather have, say, oil. Paper isn't going to fuel a truck or heat a house.
What if we stopped growing food and only imported? And what if we had nothing of value to whoever supplied our food so they stopped giving it to us? Can't eat paper and coins.


@kllangellier: Why would importing shirts make the dollar worthless? If US companies can import shirts and are more profitable doing so, that is helping our economy overall. If we are overpaying Americans to make shirts but that is lowering the profit margin on US firms, it is a net zero effect. Thinking about it, I'm not really sure what the US does create/manufacture anymore (mostly intangible things it seems to me). But, making things in the US just for the sake of doing it here does nothing to help anyone but the specific employees. And, if they are unable or unwilling to compete globally, why should they get preferential treatment over, say the owners of Woot who will now be more profitable because of a good business decision? Now, those workers who used to make those shirts can go learn a new skill and do something else that benefits the country even more rather than waste their time doing something less efficiently than people from another country do it.


They better take the price back down to 10 bucks