questionswhat are the best nintendo ds games?



Any Zelda or Mario game.


Hehehe, THIS is my kinda question. First off, I'll agree wholeheartedly with @squirtle456

What kind of game you get depends on your taste
Games I recommend:

Elite Beat Agents- A music game with rythm tapping. Based on a Japanese game, Ouendan. I reccomend importing those too.

Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts: Create almost any person, place, thing, or meme. (I'd recommend the sequel more. They don't need to be played in order but if you have played Super first, you will hate the brokenness of the original.)

Professor Layton series: If you like puzzle games with brain teasers and exciting stories with twists, definitely try these IN ORDER. (Curious village, Diabolical box, Unwound future)

Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, Miles Edgeworth- Ace Attorney: An amazing series with spin-offs. Defend your client through wacky testimony and ridiculous scenarios. Another one to play in order. (Ace Attorney, Justice For All, Trials And Tribulations. Spinoffs are interchangable)



Ghost Trick: From the makers of Phoenix Wright. Play as the recently deceased to find out who killed you and get your memories back before dawn.

The World Ends With You: A really unique game. You've been killed and have 7 days to try and earn your life back. There's no way to truly explain the gameplay, but this game is so underrated, it's a real shame. I can't recommend it highly enough!

Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure: Truly did wonders introducing Sonic to the DS era. The gameplay was similar to that of the Gameboy Advanced series and it took full advantage of the dual screens

Sonic Colors: Without a doubt, the greatest Sonic game in a long time. Goes back to basics with new powers that ENHANCE the game instead of making it "hip and cool and rad with todays teens" If you've ever played a sonic game, play this one too!

Guitar Hero On Tour: ...Actually that doesn't work with the DSi due to the lack of a GBA slot, BUT IT'S STILL FUN.



Grand Theft Auto- Chinatown Wars: Come on! It's Grand Theft Auto! Every mother's most hated game! It's a lot more tame, due to being on the DS, a family system, but there's still drugs and cursing. Provides hours upon hours of gameplay. Speaking of which:

Animal Crossing- Wild World: Same neverending fun as the rest of the series, but on the DS. Buy a home, make friends, collect fish, and other mundane tasks... ONLY MORE FUN!

Mario & Luigi series: There are two of these on the DS. (Partners In Time, Bowsers Inside Story) An RPG style adventure with both brothers. The first game includes adult and baby versions of the brothers working together, and the second has you playing inside Bowsers body and sometimes AS Bowser himself. Definitely worth picking up.

Plants VS Zombies: Popcap did an amazing port of their smash hit to the DS system. If you haven't played this castle crashers style game yet, here's your chance.


takes a deep breath
Hopefully that's enough to tide you over for now. If you need anymore recommendations, I have some more games I can offer opinions on, but for now my fingers are tired. I think this is the most typing I've done in a long time...

I should be writing reviews or something.........


Picross 3D is a fun little puzzle game which has kept me interested for a long time.


@abramokids: Hahah Thanks so much for all your input! I'll check out some of those for sure!