questionsif humans colonized the moon, or another planet…


if the new planet could sustain life (BREATHABLE atmosphere and available water along with land suitable for crops & farm animals), then yes.

ONLY after a few years though, since a newly colonized planet capable of supporting our form of life would probably have unimagined viruses, bacteria, and fungi capable of wiping us all out. Let someone else be the guinea pig that finds out what bugs are out there first!


i would, but i'd need some guarantees that i'd always have air and water, and a chance to earn some food. no matter what politician or planet leader decides that day.
i think it'd be cool but not if it turns into Gattaca!


I have a few questions I'd like answered first. Would I still be charged the same for shipping from woot sites? much longer would it take for Smartpost orders to arrive?


If the weather was nice I'd consider it. (seriously the one thing that keeps me clinging to California is the weather.)


Yes, but only if there's broadband Internet access. And not one of those "2-megabit connection that's shared by everybody in the colony" deals, I mean I'd need broadband that's dedicated to me.

Even then, due to the latencies involved, I can't see venturing out any farther than the Moon. Round-trip latency from Mars to Earth would vary from about 6 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the orbits, and that would really suck.

So, sign me up for a lunar colony, but Mars would have to be just a short round-trip.


I thought this question asked if we "colorized" the moon. I like that question better. I'd pick blue.


So I'm beginning to wonder if we've been infiltrated by aliens with these questions....that or a few of our members have been invited on ship for a little probe and tickle and now want to know if any of us have too....I haven't....


Not sure - I know I would have a lot of questions that needed to be answered, and by the time they were, I probably would't be around - no make that I would not be around. Of course, if we had a scenario like the film whose name escapes me of the old folks and the pool at a Florida community - now that I would jump on. Darn, I will be trying to remember the movie title until I look it up.


@shrdlu: Thanks - one of those days when nothing goes as planned & I did not have a chance to look it up. I was a lot younger when it came out, but I loved it anyhow.


No, but I'd encourage as many others to move there as I could!