questionsdoes anyone have a favorite recipe for hummus ?


i don't have my recipe handy, but a couple tips:

A. start simple and then add extra spices. for the first batch, i'd recommend just chick peas, olive oil, tahini, garlic, salt and lemon (some water to thin it out a bit). taste it and then add other spices as you see fit
2. Use a food processor if you have one. makes everything nice and smooth
III. drizzle in the oil while you have the food processor going. i've found it keeps it from separating.

will post the recipe i use if i can find it (haven't had hummus in a long time so no idea where it is)


@carl669 has it right. you don't need exact measurements just add those ingredients until you like it. I like lots of tahini and garlic, I also add cayenne.


@carl669 @nmchapma: Will a hand blender work as well as a food processor ?

Thanks for the tips !

Wondering if you notice a difference if you use dried beans that were soaked or from the can ?


@ceagee: i've never tried a hand mixer, but i'm guessing it won't end up as smooth as using a food processor. do you have a blender? that might work better than a hand mixer. (again...i've never tried it)


@ceagee: I use a ninja :-) I also prefer it with canned chic peas. They are softer, taste the same, and require much less effort on my part.


@carl669: I guess I used the wrong name for it -- hand blender not mixer. That makes a difference. So If a blender will work, the hand blender should work ok.

Another question : re the beans. Drain and rinse or use the juice ?


@ceagee: save 1-2 tblsp of juice, then drain the rest. washing them isn't necessary unless they have other solids in the bottom of the can.


I would start with:

1 can chic peas
1 clove garlic
1/2 tbsp lemon juice
1tbsp tahini
1/2 - 1 tbsp pea juice
a drizzle of oil and salt to taste


@nmchapma @carl669: I made it ! I did as you suggested. Started w/ you base recipe and then added stuff in to taste or as needed for texture. I ended up w/ more lemon juice and garlic. I added some of the cayenne and got some fresh oregano from my garden. And some black pepper too. And the crowning glory ? Some chopped up kalamata olives !

I'm a pretty good baker, but cooking eludes me. I need some good directions to go on. Thanks to you guys, I'm going to become a hummus making fool.

I'd offer you some but.... hey the thought is there.

Cheers !

Any other ideas of stuff to add in always appreciated.


@ceagee: Congrats on your success :-) The olives were a nice touch. next time try roasting a red bell pepper (or buying some in a jar) and swirling it in. Sundried tomato is good also, I use the ones from giada. Cilantro is another option but I don't like it.

Did you have the tahini to use? I know its expensive but it's worth the difference in flavor quality.

And where could you possibly be that making hummus at 4:30am (EST) sounded like a good idea?


@nmchapma: I have tahini from making Baba Ganoush last summer. Love that stuff. This is actually more similar than I thought it would be.

My nights and days are a bit backwards, so even though I am on ET, it was a good time for me ! I missed dinner for various reasons so this was sort of a combo dinner/breakfast. lol I even had some fresh greens from the garden. Those came in while there was still daylight. The fresh oregano I went out w/ my flashlight : D

G' night !


@ceagee: 4:30am?! that's some dedicated hummus making you got going on. congrats on the successful hummus! you'll never be able to go back to store bought again.


@ceagee: You can used dried/soaked chickpeas but they have to be cooked before you use them or you'll HATE the result! Canned is better


@ceagee: My favorite add-ins are roasted red peppers and roasted garlic.


@carl669: Hummus, not just for breakfast anymore ! : )


One tip that I learned is to put all of your chickpeas in a bowl and swish them around by hand to knock off as many of the hulls as possible. It makes the end result MUCH creamier!


I've been avoiding reading this entire thread, but now that I've read it I'm starving!

Time to go shopping for ingredients, I think.


If anyone needs a good reason to learn to make your own check here.


My go to for homemade recipes is bobby flay

Love the spice in this one. Better to make it yourself to control the ingredients.