questionshow do you ship orders? ups, fedex or usps


@kylemittskus: me too, I check all three options and services. Low Price wins


@mkentosh: @jsimsace: I took the question as if the OP was asking woot!. No?


@kylemittskus: looking at the op's stats of joining in 08 and having bought 2 woots, i would assume they know how woot ships.


Me, I use USPS. It is the most convienent for me locationwise, and for small packages (which is everything I sell,) it is usually the cheapest.

It is also a bit more flexible because they will delivery to a PO box.


Best to ship things with? USPS because it's a heck of a lot cheaper, easier and convenient. Great if you're not time dependent.

Fedex/UPS = faster and slightly better service and shipment times, but much more expensive than USPS.

Worst to receive a packages from? USPS because for some odd reason, my packages somehow gets squashed by anvils along the way. Plus one of my recent packages ended up in the wrong city yesterday which they notified me it as "missent".

I've also tried the USPS APC (Automated Parcel Center) system the other day to send a laptop. I think the system is OK, but I had to write in my shipping adresses by hand and I have the worst hand writing ever. Luckily my shipment was confirmed yesterday though which was such a relief. Would've been much better if I were to order the labels online via Click-N-Ship and just pick up the labels from the APC. That way it would save me a little bit of money on buying shipping labels plus no problems with reading addresses.


Deals.woot doesn't sell anything so doesn't ship anything. If you're looking at a deal posted here, you need to contact that retailer.

If you are asking about how Woot ships, we use a variety of shipping methods such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, drop shipping (direct from vendor) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)*. Shipping methods will vary from sale to sale and can also vary based on how far you live from the shipping point. Please note that military and PO Box orders are always shipped SmartPost.

*When using FBA, we instruct our vendor to deliver the product to one or more fulfillment centers from which the product will then be shipped. Please note that we are not part of the Prime or Super Saver Shipping program.


@mkentosh: I used to do that, but after Fed Ex ground lost 3 in a row in the Dallas area- where it was shipped from- I believe my customers deserved better. Never had USPS lose anything and UPS has only lost 1.


Low price typically wins, but I prefer UPS above all else. FedEx always takes an extra day or so, USPS has crappy tracking and takes a little more time (getting better though), and Smartpost is the bane of my existence, because I will frequently end up with packages in a regional distribution an hour away that wont be delivered for 3-4 days. I have even tried to go to the distribution center and pick something up, but they wont release it.


When I am stateside, I use USPS. I like to think that I'm helping the economy or something.


Personally, I'm lazy and use USPS because I know where the local office is.

If you're asking about Woot, I think it's typically FedEx SmartPost, but I think they use whatever works best for the particular shipment.


@joshobra: True, true, and true.

In my experience, I prefer to receive from FedEx and send from USPS, just because of cost and convenience. I'll even accept SmartPost, at least that can sort of be tracked (only to your local office though).

However, does anyone have any experience with the UPS version? The 'service' part of UPS seems to have died. I had an item shipped to me, I was told it would be shipped UPS. It wasn' was shipped the UPS version of SmartPost. UPS delivered it to the wrong post office. No big problem, right? Just a delay in delivery. Wrong post office hands it back, UPS gets it right, correct post office receives it and delivers it to me. NOT. Once it got back to UPS, their attitude was 'eff it, we were hired to deliver and we already did'. In fact, they refused to even admit they had the package. USPS and UPS go back and forth, UPS finally admits to having the package, but stands firm that they already delivered, if I want it, come get it.


I've been sending everything USPS flat shipping rate recently. If you purchase postage online, you save a couple cents and get free delivery confirmation (which is good if you're selling through ebay). It also makes it easy because you know exactly how much it will cost w/o having to measure and weigh the package.


USPS! I've had UPS and FedEx leave packages on my stoop (only to get stolen because you DON'T leave a package on a stoop in Brooklyn) and ignore notes on my front door telling them to call me because the buzzer is broken (or just not even bother with the buzzer at all).


@havocsback: My problem with Fedex is that they only deliver on weekdays in the middle of the day, at least to my neighborhood. This means that I am going to miss them 100% of the time. They are also across town from me so it's inconvenient for me to get stuff from them. Since they only hold packages for 3 days, I have had them return stuff before I could get it. UPS (or our area drivers at least) recognize that it's pointless delivering in my working class neighborhood during the day, so they come after 6. I rarely miss a UPS package. I don't mind missing packages from the post office as they are close to where I live and they rarely, if ever, return packages, so I don't have to rush to get them.