questionsanyone have some tips or advice for an aspiring…


It's very easy, follow these steps:
1. Quit your job.
2. Quit your life.
3. Quit your sleep.
4. Scour the internet incessantly and mindlessly.
5. Post a deal.
6. Get ridiculed for poor posts.
7. Question your existence.

Have fun!


I normally just post deals that might give someone a laugh, but I also post things that I come across and think are great deals. That's the biggest thing. If you're on (just an example) and come across something that you think is a great deal, check to see if it's been posted yet. If it has, then you're on the right track, but a bit late. If it hasn't, then post it up. Just be sure the description is informitive and the title is catchy.

Best of luck to you!


watch out for @wootbot, if you post duplicates, if you downvote on good deals, ect.... he will find you...


There are many things that you have to consider when you are posting a deal here. The biggest being the community itself. A deal that goes popular on another site such as Slickdeals/Dealsplus/TechBargain/etc may not go popular here.

Know that zombies/bacon/black triangle/chuck norris/internet meme deals usually do well :D


get the woot this deal button (at the bottom of the page) and if you see a good deal just click that button on your browser!


I have all kinds of things on my Amazon Wish List and I keep an eye on them. I can also cross check prices with my add-ons to see if other retailers have dropped their prices in the interim. The most productive add on has been priceblink. Sometimes the difference between a good deal and a great deal is free shipping. Sign up for some websites that you like to do business with to receive email alerts for specials, discount codes and free shipping. Quite a few people receive emails from fast food vendors notifying them when an item goes on special or is going to be offered free. Be sure you sign up for Logitech, too. Those deals you usually can't post, but as a valued member blah blah blah, they send you discounts and coupon codes that are really valuable if you are in the market for new computer gadgetry.

Best of luck and keep posting great deals because we all win when that happens!


I like to post deals from the various sites I visit on a fairly regular basis. However, my interests are really not what everyone else's are, and only a very few of my deals go anywhere near popular. I used to hesitate to post Amazon deals thinking that since Woot is owned by them, it was somewhat redundant, but I have been successful with a few of them. I was surprised to tell you the truth that they were accepted.


Step 1: Start a lingerie site
Step 2: Post link to discounted item
Step 3: Wait for the obligatory inappropriate joke about the model's resemblance to a female family member
Step 4: Laugh maniacally as you rise to the top of the leaderboard


Thank you everybody. You've given me lots of advice and lots to think about. Hopefully I find something good for you guys one day! See you out there!