questionshas anyone timed how long it takes to move from a…


0-3 weeks depending on how close you already are.


That certainly has not been so in my case. I have been here for 6 years + but have not added deals or made comments that were voted up. In fact, I have not added many deals at all because most of the ones I see are not killer deals unless I would get them from other daily deal sites which I refuse to do. I am not a popular person here and I don't do whatever it takes. However, I do enjoy reading some of the posters and some of them have been awesome in helping me along the way. I will never be a black hat and I know it; however, it is not a main focus for me.


Ok, so I'm testing it out. Currently sitting on 99.55%. Until I turn purple, I'm going to do my best not to even vote on a single deal.


@tennisplayer121: If you really want to plummet, don't have any activity at all. OR you might consider going way back in the archives and making comments that won't have a chance of being voted on. I believe you'd dilute your score that way too.


See how fast it can go ---->


It finally happened. 21 days. I went from #8 to #155, but it took a solid 21 days. Wow.