questionsare you guys excited about avengers legos?


@rayray8822: Ahhh...that makes perfect sense....nothing like children to instill a little nostalgia.


@morriea: I guess I'm more into them now that I have kids that are Lego fanatics like I was.


Thor looks like a Vagrant Spaceman as a Lego.


Wouldn't mind having a set of the figures.
Lego's have just gotten way to expensive for me.


@rayray8822: sorry....not trying to demean those that play with Legos....I just outgrew them a couple decades ago....they were children's toys when I was young.

Heck of a comeback by an almost forgotten product.


@morriea: Well, you could click the link, if you were so inclined. Just sayin'.


I'm kinda excited about a couple of the sets. I agree that Cap does look a little silly. I hope that Iron Man's mask turns out better than it looked in the pictures from the toy fair a few months ago.
But, mostly, I'm looking forward to the Lord of the Rings Lego sets.

vote-for1vote-against idea what it is....makes excitement unlikely....