questionswhy do i keep getting server error trying to add…


Try undigging your heals(sic) and tag one of the mods who are over the deals section, jumbowoot being the head deal-entity.


I can't find one. Suggestions on how to flag one down most welcome. On regular woot is easy. They have the little envelopes next to their name or are posting more in threads.


@ceagee: If you search for similar questions, you will see that mods can be summoned on ATC by invoking their name. @thunderthighs is usually around during the wee small hours, but as @jsimsace suggested, @jumbowoot is often the best person to either fix your problem, or explain why your deal isn't being accepted.


We are seeing the same error.
We'll see what we can do about getting that fixed.

All told.


@gionot: Thanks for the tip on summoning help !


@jumbowoot: Thanks jumbowoot. Please let me know when you have it fixed !