questionsdid you ever pass on a woot hoping it would rear…


I do and they usually do.
For normal Woots.
Side sales are iffy (outside of shirt that is). If you want something in the side sale, best snap to.

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YES! I picked the following items up at one time, but swore I would grab more when they came back. Unfortunately they have yet to come back.

Leak Frogs
Vornado Fan (Zippi)
Flush Light (yes, I am serious!)


i completely regret the last time i passed on a sansa, as i have yet to see them return. i mistakenly thought sansas were going to be part of woot forever. :(


I do and too often, didn't jump on the Mizuno shoes yesterday and sold out of 9 in blue and not sure if they even had black & orange should have just grabbed a different color combo

My biggest regret was a power washer with loads of accessories for $69.99 have yet to see it again and the last power washer was $89

Heres hoping that the next Woot-off will bring what everyone is looking for


Kai Tan Ren knives. I grabbed my set and have wanted to grab a backup set + a chef's knife set for a friend - but they're gone.


At one time, waiting on a certain product would be beneficial because it could pop-up on the woot-off for an even cheaper price. But now, certain deals seem to be constantly reappearing over and over again all for the exact same price.


@studerc: That's the other thing that worries me. I really want the backpack, but I can't justify it at the price. Desire has to fight against need AND price ._.


Shun Ken Onion steak knives, and the Shun Ken Onion sets. Both were very expensive, so I hesitated. My gf (now fiancee) bought me one for Christmas one year: they are works of art. Absolutely beautiful and very functional.

As time went on I despaired that I would ever see another Shun product again. I even started a thread about what people really wanted back (Sansas came up frequently). Then a Ken Onion slicing knife came up a while back, and I grabbed it. Then, really amazingly, a Shun event was on Home.Woot last week. I snagged a Shun steak knife set (not Ken Onion) and a Shun Elite Chef's knife (also, not Ken Onion). They aren't as pretty as a Ken Onion, but still really nice. And (also a big change for the Woot Plus side deal) were a bargain.


@studerc: also, unfortunately, woot doesn't always have better prices anymore. I do a search before buying & often pass up woot.


I pass on a lot of deals because I think I can find a better price, eventually.


energizer tactical flashlights. wish i would have bought more. :(