questionshave you gotten your @xarous update recently?


Thank you for the updates.


I appreciate the info.

@xarous: We all hope to see you commenting on here soon. Hurry up and get better! :)


Click that link, send that card!

@prettywootprincess: were you able to swing a Bucket of Carp his way?


Thank you so much for the update. Sending good vibes his way.


Continuing to send healing vibes out to @xarous. They have to work eventually!
We miss you.


best wishes and prayers still going out...


UPDATE 8/2 4:00pm woot time

They transferred me last night to the stepdown unit. Waiting on a bed for regular floor. White blood count super down, from 22 to 17. No more blood for me. Hemoglobin went from 7.7 to 10.4 to 9.8 back to 10.4 on its own after two units of transfusion. The important part is, no more internal bleeding. Infection appears to be beaten and getting much better. Last culture was negative. Shooting for Monday/Tuesday for release. Trach comes out this weekend if vitals stay the same. They will have to watch me 24/48 hours after.

(Upon being asked about cards, some of which sent from the chatroom have been quite amusing) Yes the poetry helped today. I asked if they would read them for me. The trach and laughing is tough :) I saved them all in a binder so far.

Thanks to you wonderful people though, you guys make my day.
< /update >

More as it comes :)


@kalira: That's absolutely GREAT news! I really appreciate your keeping us updated so regularly.


Saturday 8/3 (7:00am) -- So far so good. Got plenty of sleep. Blood work came back good. After breakfast I will do a couple laps around the floor. My new trach plug allows speech, getting me to shut up is the trick. Trachs are uncomfortable and skin around it is raw. Will come out hopefully by Monday. My lungs are good now. Cultures came back negative, so they think the infection is cleared up. Waiting on a biopsy, but it seems to be fine. Looking forward to cooking everything when I get out. Their food is crap, but being critical of food in a hospital is a no win situation. In a regular room now. Get to talk to older daughter almost daily, her sister no. She's too young to understand.

He came back to visit later in the day, but no more update-y stuff, just hanging out with us. Still, it's a beginning at a return to normalcy :)


@kalira: My lungs are good now.

-i'm elated to see this. this is a relief.


Around 11am today -- So....Trach looks to be removed tomorrow, depending on bloodwork results in the a.m. Meaning 24-48 hours after I should be on my way back to S.C.


@kalira: Thanks for the update. I've been lurking around for them.

@xarous: Yay! You get to go home soon! I'm so glad you'll get to be with your family. Being in the hospital sucks. Hopefully your next trip to/through the midwest will not be quite so eventful.

Interesting tidbit: I actually traveled by Cox South yesterday (Saturday) while visiting my sister for the weekend. I couldn't stop in though because I wasn't the one driving. I did mention that I knew of someone who was hospitalized there.


@xarous: Looks like you are on the uphill of recovery. My thoughts are still with you. Hope everything goes as it is supposed to today! Good luck, and get well soon.


Monday 8/5: 18:09 xar-bear Keeping trach for the night. so trach will come out around 530am And try to get me out the door tomorrow, said I won't need to stay after Tuesday They hit the floor before clinic hours This won't be an operation Just smash and grab With tape over the hole

18:23 xar-bear Doc just back in Pulled trach out It's taped and glued atm Okay, so when the iv is finished I can shower and put on clothes.


@xarous: We are so glad to finally be getting positive updates! We all wish you a safe and pleasant journey back home! Please be in touch as soon as possible.