questionswhich tv is better to buy?


LCD + Roku. i'm not sure exactly what a "smart" tv does, but it sounds like overkill.


Seconded with @carl669. Get an external box (roku, appleTV if you swing that way) and hook it up to a good TV.


LED is the way to go, as far as power conservation is concerned.

Roku's have a lot of the same things you will find on the Smart TVs .

A majority of TVs today have the Smart features built-in them already, so price wise they aren't much more. There are a lot of back to school sales going on early this year, so I would keep an eye out for those.

So I would say the Smart TV would be a better deal.
(I have both)


One thing good about the Roku is it's portable of you ever have a desire to take it along with you somewhere. Another option you might consider is a home theater PC, it might be more expensive but it will stream content that nothing else will.


The Roku is likely to get firmware upgrades MUCH more frequently than a smart-tv will, and likely will have access to more services. Nothing wrong with a smart-tv if you get a good deal on it, but I wouldn't go out of my way to find one, or pay a significant premium to buy one. It's just as easy to hook up a Roku or a 360/PS3 and get the same functionality and more.


I would vote for Roku as well. I have a Panasonic with Netflix access through Vieracast and I also have Roku hooked up to a different TV. The Netflix interface on Roku is vastly superior to the interface on my television. I also have access to far more channels through Roku.


@hossdawg97: I agree with what you said about the portability factor. :)


Unless there is little difference in price, get the TV and content separately. As mentioned, (and I can vouch for this) the firmware in the TV's only gets updated a few times, then they stop. Panasonic (or Sharp, or Sony, or whoever) wants you to buy a new TV. They have no interest in keeping the one you have current.

Roku boxes are updated frequently, and if you need to you can replace it for less than a hundred bucks. It is better to get a good panel, and update the stuff that delivers the content as the tech changes.


Oh dear, I don't know if my TV's are brilliant, average, or dumb - but they are OK.


You could go for something like this:

I personally have 2 rokus and like them a lot, but to have something that makes your tv essentially a smart tv (with browser and android apps) seems pretty awesome...


Think of Roku as like a PC, and how the PC has a certain shrinkage into obsolescence. The suppliers tell you to buy another PC so that their software and hardware peripherals will work. But they have never told you to buy a new television. When Roku decides your unit is over, it's over. A television has a more institutional feel to it. People are not expected to shed televisions with the same frequency, and so systems will be built around the existing televisions. In this age of HDMI, Blu-Ray, DVR, and 3D, you need the television. At the same time, people who aren't ready to upgrade their televisions don't have to. When channels got digital we weren't told we had to get rid of our televisions, we were told we need to buy an accessory for it (with a free coupon) or sign up for cable. We still have our televisions.


I agree with the Roku. They are awesome.