questionsany other new tablets out that you know of?


It's not out yet, but I have to give a shout out to the Notion Ink Adam. Other than the fact that we share a name (hint, hint), it really seems to have a lot going for it. Tegra 2 processor, hdmi out, beautiful Pixel Qi screen, 180 degree swiveling camera, trackpad on the bottom of the unit.


I'm also excited for the Notion Ink Adam. Kind of afraid it'll turn into vaporware. They're promising so much, just hoping they can deliver.

None of the Android tablets available right now are really worth buying. The best is the Archos 5 Internet Tablet, but that's run into some hardware problems.

The Dell Streak looked like a promising Android tablet, but the 5" model was inexplicably turned into a phone (wtf Dell?) and the 7" and 10" models won't be released till late 2010 or early 2011.

The next good looking tablet to be released will be the HP Slate, but that won't be running Android (no one knows what OS it'll run, recent rumors say they abandoned the Windows 7 platform they were starting with). Released sometime in June probably.

So basically now there's limited tablet options, and very limited Android tablet options. Could be as long as 6 months before we get a solid Android tablet on the marketplace :(

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@novastarj: I thought there were some insiders from HP saying they were canning development for quite a while after the acquisition of Palm. I really hope it's coming out in June though, that would rock.

@fidett: Thanks for the tip I'll check that out. I need something else to fill my technology/gadget addiction and the iPad just doesn't quite cut it for me.


@thejournalizer: My impression was it'd still be released pretty soon if they go with Palm's webOS. If they go with Android pretty likely it'll be a custom build which will take longer.

You're probably right though... since the news of them dropping Windows 7 came pretty recently, it is unrealistic to hope they still hit the June release goal. I still think end of the summer is feasible though, since it seems like the hardware is all finished.