questionsbest vacuum...just moved into a home with carpet…


If you like to vacuum yourself, my wife and I have been quite happy with both of our Dysons. If you like to watch the vacuuming happen then I suggest a roomba. Woot! has plenty of both so I wouldn't pay full price anywhere if I were you.


Woot is a Dyson outlet, so expect many votes for them. Beyond Dysons, I hear that LG makes good stuff also.


I bought (on Woot, of course!) a Eureka upright refurb. that is meant for people with pets. I don't have pets but that model had some useful features that made it seem like the best deal. I believe it was around $70. I would have prefered a canister but this one does a pretty good job. Unfortunately, it does not have a bag and it makes me sneeze like crazy when I empty the dustbin but I knew that was going to happen when I bought it. I just got tired of trying to pick out the right one.

If you can, I'd recommend going to a vacuum store and trying out a few models to get a feel for the weight and feel of the different styles and brands. This model is surprisingly heavy which helps it really dig into the carpet but would not be suitable for someone who is less strong. (Not that I am all that strong but wrestling with the vacuum is definitely a bit of a work-out. I know people who have back issues or whatever that could not use this vacuum.)

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I have the small Dyson (DC25), as well as a Hoover Windtunnel.
Poeple may complain that the Dyson overpriced and not worth it, but I quite like it. It's very well engineered with lots of convenient features,light, quiet, and does a decent job cleaning. The Hoover could probably suck the carpet off of the floor, but I prefer using the Dyson.

A Roomba is not a vacuum, it is a robotic broom. I have 2 for the hardwoods and they do a bangup. I wouldn't get one for carpet.

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Just bought a Shark Rotator for $199 (new). After reading reviews, it seems like the Shark outperforms the Dyson at a way lower price. I tried it out yesterday, and I am really impressed and would highly reccomend it.

You can also get the Navigator for a lower price, which also has excellent reviews.

*Both are also available in a "lift-away" format which can make carrying them easier.


@lichme: I don't know the answer to this, but: Which will last longer? Just because something is less expensive and performs the same as a higher price one within the first year or two doesn't mean that it will still be performing this well in 10 years...
That would be my only concern there.


I would get a vacuum that is rated for pets (if your dog sheds).

I can't really vouch for Dysons right now because I don't own one nor can afford it, but as long as the vacuum is a pretty good brand name (such a Dirt Devil, Eureka, Black & Decker, etc) then it should do you well. I also prefer the ones with the accessories, lights (some people may think its a useless feature, but this WORKS for me), and a bag less canister.

I'd check the reviews with other sites like Amazon first to see what others think about the vacum, but for me as long as it sucks (literally) it works for me.

If you'd like to go Dyson, I'm sure that is a good option too.


I got a Dyson locally at a great price on Black Friday a few years ago. I was ABSOLUTELY worth the money! We went through enough crappy vacuums beforehand to pay for the Dyson. We have large dogs and when we first bought it, it pulled an astonishing amount of dog hair out of the carpet that our previous vacuums had missed.


I love our Dyson, but for the carpeted stairs I use a handheld Eureka - it kicks butt.


Kirby. I have had my Kirby for 18 years. Before that my mom had the Kirby for 21 years. All told, the Kirby I have is 39 years old. It still works very well. I have it serviced every year for about $50. It is a vacuum that was recommended to my mom just before I was born because my brother had asthma. It works great on pet hair, can shampoo carpets, vacuum carpet, hardwood and tile. Can't beat it. While the price is astronomical [last priced at $1500 a couple of years ago], can your dyson stay viable for almost 40 years?


@pyxientx: Never pay full price for a Kirby. You can usually get them for half of what they're asking, often quite a bit less depending on how desperate the sales team is. I know I sold plenty of them for not a penny for my labor because the sales manager wanted to up his stats for the month.


@zuiquan: I agree. However, I have never paid for one. The salesman told me he would cut the total in half if I traded my old one in.

I laughed at the salesman who came last time. He was trying to sell me a new one, telling me how wonderful they are now. Mine has been wonderful since its purchase, and is still under warranty, even after almost 40 years. They had a lifetime warranty at the time mine was bought in 1973. The thing with Kirby vacuums is they are worth whatever cost. They were hypoallergenic before that was known to be a good thing. Also, I haven't ever used the warranty, and mine has been through a flood and a fire.


I don't own a vacuum, but I read rave reviews all the time about Dyson products. YMMV though.


@lichme: I purchased the shark navigator from woot - love it.
Much less expensive than Dyson, so I had my doubts, but it does a fantastic job on pet hair also.


@lichme: I am considering the Shark Rotator. I see many excellent reviews for the Shark Navigator Pro I think because the cup it so large...holds 4.4 quarts. I called Shark but no one could tell me what the cup size is for the Shark Rotator Lift-away. Can you help? Any idea what the advantage is over the navigator? I'm sure you looked at or considered each. Thanks.


@cindihoward: I think the storage capacity is the same, from what I could see the rotator has a larger cleaning width, a longer cord, more power, and the ability to swivel.

Check here for some comparisons If you order directly from Shark, you get a $99 steam mop for free. Shipping is kind of expensive, but you can save 15% off with coupon code "REGISTER4"