questionsunofficial deals.woot minecraft server anyone? :3


Hellooooooooooo? (add echo here) :)

Sorry. I am out of my element on this one, my friend.


@mfladd: lol that's what I've been doing in my head for the last hour or so on this thread :3 ...yeah i wasn't expecting to big of a crowd on this one anyway, hahaha whatevs

[edit] so, even if you can't make a server, would you want to be part of one?! (this is directed to everyone, not just you @mfladd :]


@miquinn: I can't even help you on that front. Never played. Old school - Missle Command or Asteroids - I'm your man. Though, I can play N64 Goldeneye like a pro - thanks to my nephew. Dated, I know. But I still like to play it now and then.


I only play on my HP Touchpad.


@coolphilip04: get it for $.10 last month? I know I did :]


I don't really have enough time to play nowadays. On the occasions that I do, I play on a personal server with my brothers.


@miquinn: Had it pirated to test it out then bought it for 10 cents.


I'm game to play if someone sets up a server.


My youngest is also game. suggestion: maybe all can take turns each month, just a suggestion ;-)


Well, I actually do have a server up now. I am running it with a friend. If you ever want to join :D ...if you are even reading this... anyone... at all... lol :D