questionscan you please cancel order #43037508? duplicate…


E-mail your cancellation request to

Since this is a user forum none of us will be able to cancel the order.


@hackman2007: Exactly this. will be the one who can help you out if possible.


haha I swear these posts are never fail to crack me up.


This seems as good a time/place as any for this:

Yes, I agree, contact support, assuming this was a woot order. If this was an order through deals.woot, contact that company. If it is a woot order (and the order number does seem to imply that it is) the support department is excellent, assuming you contact them. In three recent cases, I have had such excellent customer service that I'm beginning to wonder if companies offering customer service might actually be coming back into fashion. One of those recent cases was from woot. (For the curious, the other two were Amazon and ThinkGeek).

Many many many thanks to the wonderful support people at woot.