questionseveryone seems to price compare at amazon. do…


I always use Wal mart to check Amazon prices. Target, not so much.


I do a scan on the internet for all companies selling the same product. If Walmart comes up in the search, they become part of the decision making process.


Nope, I don't like Walmart and won't shop there, so it doesn't matter to me if they're cheaper or not.


Taxes usually kill the savings, but that will change next month when Amazon starts collecting in Texas.


@jsimsace: I do the same. I'm not a fan of Target's website


I actually price compare at several sites - Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, NewEgg. It just depends upon what item I am looking at. I live in Washington state so I get charged sales tax at all of the aforementioned sites except Newegg. I do get a little tired of people telling me it is cheaper on Amazon because they don't charge tax.


I won't shop at Walmart, either. I sometimes compare Target, Costco, whatever but it really depends on what the item is and how much I might save. (And how much trouble I will have to go to to obtain the item. I have a lot of things that are "on hold" until I get around to going to get them.)

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Google search...then shopping.


I'm usually shopping for electrical components or gadgets, in my experience Amazon is usually cheaper than NewEgg.If your willing to risk it, Ebay is usually cheapest for everything.

That being said.. I'll buy from Ebay if the warranty doesn't matter to me. Otherwise I'll buy from NewEgg or Amazon if I'm on the fence about the item and know it might need replacing or returning.


Aside from some select grocery items, I can usually find anything I'm in the market for cheaper somewhere other than Walmart. I buy a lot of things on clearance, and Walmart has an abysmal clearance section. Target's clearances have historically been great, but have gotten a little worse lately. Amazon has a much wider selection than any other merchant, which means you can choose the best value of 25 brands, instead of the best value of 4 brands. This isn't the case with everything, and is not as useful if you're looking for a specific branded item, but it does cover a lot of ground.
The real trick is not to look at a particular place for something, but to look for a particular time. If it's something you don't need right away, then you're way better off doing price comparisons over the course of several months than you are doing one instance of price comparisons, and buying the cheapest you see then.


Its not worth it after taxes. I rather get it online in another state then at walmart.