questionswould you buy a car pool?


My boyfriend would LOVE one of those! What a cool idea. But that can't be for real...what would you have to do the suspension system to support the weight of that much water? Scientists feel free to jump in and calculate that for me.


@hot72chev: If You are crazy enough to build a pool inside a BMW and then drive it on German roads that are closely monitored by Police, then I don't know if they bothered to modify the suspension much since It was going to be confiscated almost immediately.


You're right...maybe we should use a Miata....


This story definitely needs pictures. A lot of pictures.


Until I saw the picture I thought this guy made it to germany:


Here's a better image of it:

Even if that was 3' x 3' x 2 feet, that is a total of 18 cubic feet of water (not subtracting for the car seat or other items.

A single cubic foot of water weighs 62.42796 pounds for a grand total of 1,123.70328 pounds.

Surprisingly, the article states that 4 men were splashing around in the pool. At an average weight of 181.7 lb for a guy in Germany, that's an additional 726.8 pounds. Then there's the wood, the pool liner, etc.

Obviously that was very heavy.


Easy way to get into the car pool lane.


@cengland0: Thta looks a bit closer to 5'x4'x2' IMO, which makes it even heavier. It would roll and get about 5 MPG, but the car was likely about dead anyways. How was it not scraping the road? it had to be dangerously close.


@nmchapma: The car pool builders come from the "it is cool so we don't care" school of engineering. An almost unheard of minority in Germany where Engineers are practical and safety conscious.


@cengland0: lol looks like the tires are flat in the other photo.... I wonder why..


@countdown: The whole car looks bad so why should the tires be any better. The weight of the water may have busted the tires or the police could have deployed a tire puncturing device.