questionsdid you get any of the deals from walmart today?


I am gonna guess that WalMart will not honor most of those purchases unless a few people squeaked thru the store pickup option before the errors were discovered. I have seen this scenario many times on the internet and usually the vendor cancels the order before the merchandise leaves the warehouse.


I managed to pick up The Hunger Games Trilogy, Song of Fire and Ice 4 Volume Set, and the Harry Potter Boxed Sets for $3.05 each. I saw it this morning on my way to work and I was able to pick them up from the store. They had no idea.


Yeah, I was able to get the 55" TV, and BF4. I also have the Harry Potter Box set in processing, but unsure if that will go through or not. I saw several other big ticket items while I was there. Employee behind the counter seemed to know what was going on. I asked him about it, and he said until the issue was fixed (it was going on for many hours), that they had to honor the prices.


Wow, wish this had been posted sooner. I'd have taken off from work for that.


wow...i could've had my holiday shopping all done with that list!


@edurne: That list isn't nearly as complete as what was actually on sale, tons of other goodies were up for 8+ hours too


@lichme: now you're just being cruel! ;p


All I noticed was was doing "scheduled" maintenance this morning.


@lichme: Why you no post these amazing deals here?


@bsmith1: Some of them were posted individually by other users. With it being an obvious site glitch, having some sales go in and out of stock, I didn't want to keep up with the changes. There were other deal sites that had 100+ pages of comments with links, and I think woot would have frowned upon linking to another deal site.

Looking at some of the other stuff that people got, and what was up for grabs is insane. This guy lucked out.


I think I did, amazon price match on the 32gb usb drive for $12


@caffeine_dude: On Black Friday Radio Shack is going to have SanDisk 32GB Cruzer USB Flash Drives for $7.99, so getting one for $12 isn't that exciting. I'd rather have a 55" tv for $329 or an elliptical for $33!


I had been innocently trying to get on the site to order something at regular price, and couldn't get connected. Now I know why. It's still impossible to get on. Apparently a whole bunch of others got sweet deals, too (see comments at the bottom of the page):


Got a cancellation notice (email) this AM. Will be getting a $ 10.00 egift card for my troubles.