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It turns out that the little guy DID have a microchip! When we called in the chip number, it turned out that the owner had chipped him, but had not registered with the chip company.

NOTE TO PET OWNERS: Evidently many people get their pets chipped but do not register with the chip company because they don't want to pay the additional $25 or because the folks who implant the chip don't tell them to do so.

Anyway, I was able to find out who had done the chipping, and their records gave me the contact info for the owner. I called and left a couple of messages, but more time went by and I never heard from her. I learned that our state has pet abandonment laws and that if I reported to Animal Control that I had attempted to contact the owner of a stray chipped cat they would take responsibility for tracking her down and pressing charges.

NOTE TO PET OWNERS: Don't abandon your pet!!

Before I was ready to turn it over to Animal Control, I got a call from the owner!



-even more-

I had been amazed to find that the owner's given address was a small town about 30 miles from here, but it turns out that she after chipping the kitty she had married and moved to within a mile of our house. The phone number she had listed when getting him chipped was at her parent's house so she didn't get the messages for a few days.

NOTE TO PET OWNERS: Make sure your chip service has updated contact information for you!

The cat, whose real name is Chester (I love it!) had been missing for over a year!!!! He was an inside cat (but, thankfully, had not been declawed) and they had searched for weeks before deciding that he must have been killed. My phone call came as a complete shock to her! I trapped Chester again and she came to fetch him, bringing her own crate. Unfortunately, when she tried to transfer him to her crate, her 4 year old son got so excited and rowdy that Chester made another dash for freedom (probably why he had escaped in the first place).

-the rest-


-the rest-

Chester was back at my house by that evening, but it was another day or two before he was willing to go back into the crate to eat. When I called his owner she showed up to get him within just a few minutes (this time WITHOUT the 4 year old!).

No more Chester at my house. Rather sad, really.

The good news is that I found his family. They were glad to know he was safe and obviously well fed. They took him straight to my vet's office for a checkup and all appeared to be well.

The not-so-good news was that they decided that they cannot keep him. They have a 5 month old infant with breathing problems and have been cautioned against having a furry critter in the house. The owner was apologetic about this, but had already contacted Cat Haven (where they had first adopted Chester) and were trying to find him a new home. I did not offer to keep him.

At least I reunited him with his family, and I saved him from nasty neighbor, while learning some lessons about chips!



Thanks for the update, and the suggestions. We keep ours up to date,but I know folks who don't.

You gained many karma points. :)


Thank you for taking care of Chester and for trying to reunite him with his family. Too bad it didn't work out. You did your best.


Great perseverance on your part !
Too bad Chester, after everything that took him to get him reunited, he will be re-homed. At least he is safe and sound.
Most groups that adopt out have policies of taking cats back if the owner can no longer keep them.

My kitties are chipped. I didn't have to pay extra to register the chip. It was all included up front. One lifetime fee. I think that is good.

Thanks for the update ! Thank you on behalf of kitties everywhere for your help.


Good for you for doing all that work, and thanks for letting us know the ending. Chester will find a good home eventually.

Here's a reward for your efforts; hope you enjoy it!


Good job! I got lucky when I adopted Simba the rescue came by to chip him and just on the off chance scanned him for a chip and he had one. They gave me the number, and I called Home Again to find out what kind of paperwork I was going to have to submit to get them to change him over to me and they said he wasn't registered, so all I had to do was pay the fee and fill out my information.


Wow, you really stuck with it. Good work. Give yourself a scritch.


Good work! You deserve a pat on the back and a scratch behind the ears!


@magic cave: Yes. Fantastic video. That's a lot of training . Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the update, you rare awesome! Hopefully Chester will find a forever home soon!


Hey, I remember that cat! An indoor cat surviving and thriving for a full year outside is pretty shocking. I have to assume that he met other foster owners along the way from the original owner's house. He looked very clean and healthy (not emaciated) in the picture...

I'm sad it didn't work out in the end, but such is life. Maybe he'll come wandering over your way again.


@belyndag You are an ANGEL for watching out for Chester and going to such great lengths for him.

@okham is right - karma points, indeed!


@curtisuxor: He was CERTAINLY not emaciated! That cat was about twice the size of my Camry Kitty! The owner was stunned. Evidently he wasn't this grown when he disappeared. He did seem to have ear mites, but that's not such a big deal. I didn't even see fleas! Maybe he HAD found another foster home for a while. That could also explain why he still thought he was a house cat. Not a mean bone in his hefty body. The only time he was difficult was the first time I tried to place him into a crate (he escaped), and when the owner's son scared him. That one was rough. The owner was holding him and (again) trying to put him into her crate when the kid came running toward them with a big stick he had picked up in my yard. Frankly, I wanted to run away, too. She should have just taken him in my crate and returned it later. Ah, well.

She is supposed to let me know how things turn out. Cat Haven agreed to take him back and try to place him again. Somebody will get a very sweet kitty, I hope.


Oh! I need some karma points! I hit a squirrel the other day and still feel bad about it (even though my BIL calls them tree rats). Next time you find a stray, give me a call!


@blgauthier: I know what you mean. I hit a neighbor's cocker spaniel a few years ago. He was in inside dog and dashed out into the street right in front of me when they opened the front door. I tried to swerve to miss him, but there was another child on a bicycle on that side of the street. It was awful. I still cringe every time I pass that house. The owner took one look at my face and immediately said, "It's not your fault." Still, I feel awful about it.