questionswill you help?! picking out a girl's name is…


Ultimately whatever name you two choose will be PERFECT in your mind….which all that matters anyways. Just remember that you will be saying it over 2,000,000 times within the first two years, so I’d stay away from anything too long/fancy cuz it’ll get shortened pretty quickly.
Also, speaking from experience, try not to expose your name choice until after the birth…especially to your good friends or parents. They tend to be awful judgmental and will most likely criticize your name choice without even knowing it (roll of eyes, “oh, that’s nice”, etc). It’s your special moment….let it stay yours.


@curtisuxor: Nice. I also like "Abigail," after John Adam's wife, a brilliant woman widely understood to be John's personal counsel on important matters.

Or, for the nerdery, I was going to suggest "Zelda" (also F.Scott Fitzgerald's wife, if that counts) but if she went back and played the original, she'd probably give Link her own name and get stuck playing the harder Second Quest.


@j5: ya doof! "Lava King" still makes me giggle.

Another few thoughts on names: when choosing a name, pay attention to your face/mouth when saying the name. Does your mouth draw up into a smile as it might when you say "Susie," or downwards as it might when you say "Bronte?"

Whatever you do, be conscious of the fact that kids can be downright cruel rhyming little punks and will use that talent in the most hurtful ways: Fatty Pattie, Bart the Fart--you get my drift.


Congrats on the baby. 2 suggestions for you. 1) make sure to check that the initials of the names you chose don't suggest something you don't like. And 2) picture yourself yelling her first and middle name out. If it flows, go with it.
Good luck.


I'm saddened that we all missed the obvious.
Gillian Anderson

j5 j5

Grats on the baby! (I am still giggling at j5's suggestion.)

There are so many great names. Here's some more ideas: (I like Chloe and Samantha)

My personal favorite suggestion from this thread, and just in general is Ada. Ada Lovelace, Ada Wong (Resident Evil)... lots of good Ada reppin'. However you always want to be mindful of initials... for that reason alone I'm going with Jade from Beyond Good and Evil.


@giaimo13: My older brother went through high school with the nickname "Two Dogs" because of that joke. : ) For the record, it was among his friends, not mean-spirited.


@flyinggirl: You aren't kidding about the initials. Just last night at dinner, my 6th-grade son was getting a huge kick out of telling us about a girl at school. First name Allison, last name Snyder. He found out her middle name is Sarah. Poor kid has to make it through middle school with those initials.

As for suggestions:
Val (short for Valentine)


A name is such a vital part of a person's identity. So I think that one with built in flexibility allows the child to go by what fits them at different parts of their lives. That is why I really like Elizabeth. You can turn it into Beth, Liz, Lizzie, Elle and probably a few more. My little brother was Jimmy until about junior year of high school when he switched to James because that sounded more mature.


My only suggestion is that you remember this is her name. You pick it for her. It's an awesome responsibility for you to chose carefully. She will carry the name you give her for her whole life. It has to grow old with her and not sound stupid (think stripper names or names that will sound dumb for a grandma. Can anyone seriously see a Grandma Blue Ivy?).

Additionally, if her name is not chosen wisely it could hurt her in obtaining professional jobs when she is an adult. Like it or not people have preconceptions based on the names on a resumes. There are reasons why names like Elizabeth, Mariam and Hannah have been around for centuries.

And lastly spell the name as it should be spelled. Andruw with a U instead of an E isn't creative, it just makes the parents look at worst illiterate or at best just bad spellers.


My son has a classmate named Chive. I though I misheard him, so I asked if he'd meant "Clive." No, Chive. C-h-i-v-e. Then I had to explain why I was laughing. Soon enough, those kids will know what chives are, and the boy will never hear the end of it.

Please, do not do something like this to your child. Otherwise, I'd try to go with something that was a subtle nod to your tastes without being obvious to the majority of the populace. Fellow gamer geeks will get it, but your kid will not get "why did they name you that?" from their friends.




A little late to the party, but since Baby Girl isn't here yet, I figure there's still time.

I'm a teacher, and I beg you to always spell and correct pronunciation of your child's name with grace and without rancor. I pretty much hate the first day of school, reading rosters, and inevitably pronouncing things wrong. Not simply for getting the name wrong and thus marring our first meeting, but because ohh 7/10 students respond with a sneer, attitude, or exasperation that "Marqus" is pronounce "MarCUS" not "MarKWEES".

That being said, name her something with meaning. Something special, to give her a smile and remember you with fondness as she ages. My name honors several women in my family and means something very special to my parents. When my husband and I named our daughter (it took us all 9 months too, don't worry, you're not alone), we gave her a name that both honors mine and a dear friend who passed away. It is special and sweet and ultimately fit her best.

Best of luck to you!