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@benyust2: hahaha oh man. It took me a split-second to remember where that was from.

It's a beautiful name for a boy or girl. Especially a girl- or a boy!


Combining two of my favorite franchises, Borderlands and Halo: Lily (Lilith) Cortana


No offense but I think this is rather selfish. Those games will not be a blip on the RADAR when your daughter enters adulthood,so why be so eager to satisfy your tastes? I arrived at this opinion after my college roomate was named "Jammer" - he was never taken seriously. He was academically stronger than I but I got way better internship opportunities. The way people said his name with a "are you serious?" tone or "is this a nickname?" you could tell he was already judged

It's your kid that has to live with it, not you.


What's your surname? Hard to recommend a mellifluous first name without knowing how it will sound attached to a last name.


@ryanwb: There's a world of difference between Zoe (w or w/o y) and Jammer. Zoe is a normal name and happens to be in a game. Jammer begs to be ridiculed. It's not like he's suggesting Cortana (from Halo) as a first name. (Middle names can pretty much be anything.)


@ryanwb: Lol really? I am selfish for wanting to choose the name of my daughter.. ok =/ can you direct me to the list of names that are considered "politically correct and normal" so I can ask my daughter when she pops out which one she likes?

@giaimo13: Anderson is my last name

Also doesn't have to be video games.. Geek references in general (Sci-Fi movies/etc)


@first2summit: Yes I see no problem with that - but naming kids after numbers and Daenerys starts to cross that line.


@devexityspace: I'm just providing you an observation based upon my experience. My parents loved TV shows too, thankfully they didn't name me "Airwolf" (well I was 8 when that came out but still)

I clearly said "no offense" : - )


@devexityspace: How about paying tribute to a scifi writer or scientist? I just had a son and we went with a writer-theme like Hemmingway, Beckett, Emerson, etc. and ended up with Garrison.


@ryanwb: my experience is on the opposite spectrum. I have a very common name and it just caused me to get denied from buying a gun this past thursday which caused me to have to get fingerprints taken and send to the FBI to get appealed.. (I mean I work for the government!!! How did I get denied?)-- Answer: someone with the same name wasn't so law abiding...

(I wonder how many people are named Michael Anderson).. I know in the military my email account was 168...

So I do want my daughter to have a unique name, and even if the names are based on video games-- doesn't mean she will tell anyone they are.. If the franchises I love today arent around when she is 18-- no one will know/care anyways.

@wootfast: rofl...


I would name my daughter after a female figure I find inspiring, which are mostly people prominent in American history.

In order, my favorite names for girls, along with potential nicknames:

1. Amelia (or "Amy" for short), after Amelia Earheart, famous aviator, is my top choice--yes I am aware of her fate and perhaps the symbolism behind choosing such a name...
2. Margaret (or "Maggie"/"Marge" for short), after Margaret Thatcher, first female PM of UK--during the tumultuous era of the Cold War.
3. Susan (or "Susie" for short), after Susan B. Anthony, suffragette and abolitionist.
4. Elizabeth (or "Liz"/"Beth"/"Liza" for short), after Elizabeth Cady Stanton, suffragette and abolitionist.
5. Marie, after Marie Curie, scientist and "discoverer" of radioactivity along with radium and polonium.
6. Eleanor (or "Elle"/"Ellie" for short), after Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States and vocal proponent of civil rights for African Americans and human rights for the world.


@ryanwb: no, but they could easily have named you Jan, Michael, or Vincent.
@devexityspace: Jayne Cobb Anderson.

j5 j5

Okay! How about Angelinda Cerise Anderson? It's unique, there's plenty of meaning, and it's not a headscratcher or a target for ridicule. Good luck with your baby! And remember the old joke about how Native American babies get their names, if you want a good laugh.


Audio Science..

i feel bad for the kids with weird names and by continuation for society.


@ryanwb: You clearly don't know what are cool first names. "Airwolf" would be great for a boy or a girl! .-)


ada, for ada lovelace
grace, for grace hopper

no1 no1

Had an interesting conversation at the airport over the weekend with a lovely new mom. Her daughter was named "Hero," and her newest son, "Titan." Shakespeare lives on in the hearts of some. It was refreshing to hear there were no unusual spellings, accent marks where none need be, or any other "let's be different & saddle our child with our nonsense."

(This is written by one cursed with an uncommon name that is constantly mispronounced.)


Trillion ;)

Tricia McMillan)


@devexityspace: You will have to take extra care to meet the men she dates. Count the heads!


I'll second lily (lilith) - i've always liked that name. Here's a scene from Ted (cleaned up) of names to avoid, so your daughter won't get hit with a certain stigma ;)


I think Arya and Sansa (Game of Thrones) are really good names


@hirshy: if i met a person named sansa i would ask if they were named after an inexpensive mp3 player.

no1 no1

Kaywinette Lee. From Firefly/Serenity. And you could use Kaylee for short.


Marleigh, Kamiah, where on the short list for my new baby girl.


@curtisuxor: You are the only sane one here. Well, Eleanor maybe a little 2 centuries ago but Ellie is good. My advice to the expectant parents is; What name would you want to be raised with? Don't play Hollywood and Rock star and name your child some dumbass name. Keep it in the family and don't embarrass your kid.


I personally have always loved Zoe. It means life in Greek, so it's not totally a nerdy/gaming reference in the end.

Piper is cute :)

And Lillian is pretty.

Sorry, I am not the best at naming kids, I have issues naming my pets, lol!~


i like Zoey. someone else mentioned Kaylee from Serenity. how about just Serenity?


Let's see... Lara (Croft) is pretty. We have an Alexia Katlen (Lexi-Kat), McKenna Nicole (Kenna), Jazlyn Joelle (Jazzy) and Elaina Josephine (EJ or JoJo). Congratulations and Good Luck! :-)


As Chris Rock said, fathers only have one job as a parent of a daughter...make sure she doesn't wind up on the pole:
*It is Chris Rock... so you know, language and such.

Some of the names people have suggested won't make her a stripper in 18 years, obviously, but they sure won't help keep her off it. I know it's boring, but more common names and more common spellings of names will make them feel less like social outsiders.

I will just say that if you find a name that means something to both you and your SO agrees (or vice versa), go for it. Just be prepared to explain it when she asks how you came up with her name. Btw, giving her a middle name of one (or two) of your parents/grandparents will be a great idea and endear both you and your daughter to that person for life.


I always liked the name Capgun. It has a nice ring to it.

We stuck with classic names for our girls. I named one Denise and the other DeOtherNiece... My brother never forgets their names.

Molly Catherine and Anna Elizabeth. They're timeless. Everyone knows the name. The girls get the response "I really like that name!" and it honestly seems genuine, and the best part is -- they're not really that common in today's world of babies (seems like everyone is naming girls Emma, Riley, Brooklyn, Ava, Isabelle, and Kaelyn -- any form of spelling is allowed I think -- and off the wall crap like Paisley -- PAISLEY?).

I agree with the notion that these kids will eventually have to be taken seriously so some names from movies or video games might not be the greatest idea. Although some of those names are unique enough but still sound like names. Cambria is one that comes to mind.

Best Bet: Keep it simple and pretty -- and keep it classic. Nothing wrong with playing it safe.


Just remember when she's older and wants to get a license plate for her bike, or a pen/pencil, a keychain with her name, etc. Will she be left out? Or you could special order some of those things when they are popular among her friends.

Now for the Star Trek name suggestions...
Jadzia (DS9)
Marina (Deanna Troi on TNG)
Majel (Gene Roddenberry's wife)
B'Elanna (Voyager)


For starters, my daughter's birthday is April 3rd, so good day for it.
When we were going through the process of picking a name (and it pretty much lasted the whole nine months of the pregnancy) we first eliminated any names in the census' top 20 girl names for the previous couple years. We already knew the middle name as my wife had a family member she wanted to name our daughter after. After that we went through name books/lists to find one that went well with the middle name. We ended up with Alana Kathleen, I always call her Ali Kat which she'll probably grow to hate as she gets older.
One thing we did not foresee were alternate pronunciations of her name (al-ah-na is the one we use but we get al-ay-na quite frequently), we had assumed there was only the one.


Naming a child after someone you love (NOT an EX-GIRLFRIEND) is always good .


@bindsocket: Good gravy, "Alley cat"? I am sorry to laugh at your daughter's misfortune, but the full name is beautiful. It's good that nothing offensive (that I can think of) rhymes with her full name.

I have seen "ah-lah-nah" spelled "Alanna" more often than "Alana". I have never seen "ah-lay-nah" not spelled "Alena" or "Elena" (derived from Helena, thus similar sounding and spelled). So that makes her name, to me, unique. I am guessing it is too late to add that extra "n" or that you would want to.


Have you heard the story of a girl named Beth,
now known as Tex, who's name fits like a glove?

I love the older Victorian names - Eleanor, Elizabeth, etc. But name 'normalcy' changes with the decades. And with most of this generation naming their kids Braedon, Brooklyn, Madison, or the oh-so-famous La-A (La dash uh) picking a name from a popular franchise won't be too out of line with normal.


while admittedly not the most original answer, and not that you would ever have trouble remembering your child's birthday, but she's Due in april, so, Why not April?

my little pocket Calendar, has a guide in the back, with each month's birthstone,the stone's traditional meaning, and the traditional flower for that month
For April: Diamond(Innocence) Sweet Pea, Daisy

Diamond sounds like a stripper,
Sweet pea is more of a "pet" name,
so how about Daisy?
not super common, not really heard these days without being followed by Duck, or Duke.
If she would happen to arrive a little early,...
March: Bloodstone, Aquamarine (Courage) Jonquil, Daffodil
dunno if you'd want to call your daughter either "Joni(Jonny)", or "Daffy"...
that's My 2 cents anyway


also don't forget, to double and triple check any name related paperwork before signing off.
used to work with a girl, her name tag read Andrea. most people looked @ her name and said ANDrea, she pronounced it Ondrea, apparently it was Supposed to be Spelled Ondrea, but someone @ the hospital had either misread the handwriting, or "fixed" what they thought was an obvious Typo...


I don't know what games you like, but I've been pretty into Dragon Age lately. Leliana is beautiful, as is Morrigan and Anora. Anora Rose Anderson would sound nice. Leliana Grace would sound pretty too (Leliana's favorite flower was Andraste's Grace). Also, I have no idea where my niece got the idea, but she named her Daughter Trinity. I'm unsure if it was a religious thing (she doesn't practice at ALL, quite the opposite) or maybe from the Matrix, at least, I think that was the movie. She was tossing around Trinity Rose and Trinity Lynn, but ended up with a different middle name.
A while ago I was kinda into Blood Rayne, and I watched this movie called Stay Alive where if you die in the game, you die in real life. One of the character's names was October, which I thought sounded unique but not OUT THERE. I then thought October Rayne would sound very lovely until I mentioned it to a friend who informed me that there is either a song or a band called November Rain. And there went that.


It seems, for 'originality''s sake(one of our current national obsessions) that the apparent rule for a girl's name is to add 'ea' or 'ia' to the end of most any word or name and BANG! they's original.
Not saying it's a good rule, just that it's out there.


@earlyre: This happened with my friend's sister. She ended up Milissa because the nurse apparently couldn't understand her mother, nor spell. :-/


Well, you could always borrow from classic mythology.

Perhaps Athena, Daphne, Artemis, Demeter, Diana or one of the others listed here:



I've always been a huge fan of the Tomb Raider series, and I was really happy when my wife liked the name too for a future girl, if we have one (mind you, I didn't mention that I wanted to name our daughter after Lara Croft haha).

At least in reference to "Lara Croft" the name Lara makes me think of someone who is strong, smart, and self-driven. :)


Congratulations on the upcoming baby! This is a fun thread.

When I was 13, I read Dragonsbane and loved the character Jenny so much that I decided that would be my future daughter's name. 10 years later, Jenny Simone (for Nina Simone, one of my favorite singers) arrived. Now that she's older, I sometimes wonder if "Jenny" is a great name for an adult, but the name still means something to me, and thankfully, my daughter likes it.