questionshow often do you go through your old deals and…


I think that this weekend if I have time I am going to go through mine. It seems to be my most neglected chore here on deals.


Once or twice a month. I expire them about the 6 month point unless I know they're dead before that.


If you check mine, all old deals have been "expired". I went through them a few months ago and now I check regularly to kill off outdated deals. However, I don't add many deals anymore since many were deleted by the staff within minutes, just to see them added by someone else either minutes or a few hours later.


All the time. It is possible to miss one here or there, but I check almost every day. It is almost as important as posting deals to help the community.


Count me in with @firebirdude. It occurs to me occasionally to expired old deals and I go on a mad binge to do it. The last time I decided that it really wasn't worth it to check each one to see the deal was no longer valid as no one would be seeing the old deals anyway, in most cases. I just decided to start with the oldest and expired each one. It got to be tedious doing this one at a time (if only we had a way to select several at a time to expire!). I did a few pages of them, then had to go on to other things. I need to go back and work on it again. Thanks for the reminder!


Went back and did a few pages of mine today, now that I was reminded.


@jsimsace: Urrmmmm No. I don't think either one of us answered that one. Popular question, though, isn't it?


I just went through my deals the other day and expired the old ones. I usually try to do that at least once every few monts (read: 3)


@jsimsace: Answered. Apologies to OP for going off topic. Please forgive us - we are rude. :-/