questionsanyone have any good tips for buying window…


The world of things that qualify as "curtains" is huge. Please answer the following items:

Are you looking for drapes?
When you say curtains, what will these curtains be hung on (or by)? Possibilities are a rod, including a traverse rod, or the kind of rod on which various loop styles can be hung.
When you say curtains, do you mean the type that cover the window and provide privacy (and protection from the sun where that's required), or do you mean the type that simply dress the window?

I have multiples of any of these solutions. I dislike blinds. I suspect you are NOT speaking of drapes, but can still recommend places if that is what you mean.

I'd also want to know some of the places you've visited and rejected, since I'll know not to suggest online equivalents.

I love redecorating. I'll be back in a bit.


I'm pretty much stocked up now on colors so I haven't bought them in awhile, but I used to get mine at Target. And if they didn't have them in the store, they had them online. I also like the selection at Overstock. Good luck, I know they can get expensive and finding them can be overwhelming!


@shrdlu: I'm thinking more utilitarian here. I'm not looking for anything fancy or pretty. We looked at a couple of the box stores.


@gideonfrost: Argh. You didn't answer the questions. Drapes? Hanging rod?

Have you been to Target (that was suggested, and it's a pretty good place, normally).

I'd also go to BB&B, which has an excellent selection of the hanging rod styles.

There's Penny's, too (and many of their styles are also online). (hope that link works)


You might also check here:

They usually have a large selection of colors, styles, and sizes. I've bought items from them a few times in the past and while they're not designer quality, they're also not designer prices.


@shrdlu: Sorry I suck at this question. Um we looked at Walmart twice and Lowes I think or Home Depot I get those two mixed up. I have not been to target yet. And I feel like Drapes is what we're looking for. With a rod of some sort. Right now we have blinds that came with the house. I am somewhat okay with blinds myself but the bedroom needs to be darker during the day. Right now I'm working days but eventually we will both be on nights and I just get tired of the sun when trying to sleep.


@gideonfrost: A while back someone asked about curtains to shield against the sunlight (and heat), and the answers there directly pertain to what you're looking for. Today's a bit crazy for me, but if you don't find it, I'll find it later.

You want a traverse rod. If it were me, I'd have it professionally installed, but you may be handy, and perfectly competent in that area. My drapes were custom, and fulfill both the reduction in light, and the reduction in heat. While I was waiting for them to be completed, I purchased usable ones from Penny's (that I later altered to be the loop variety, and hung in another room). I needed custom because of the size of the living room window. You should be able to find standard sized.

Your best choice would be to search for "blackout" curtains, such as are used for filming and other things. That may be more money than you want to spend, however. You will not find drapes at the places you named, nor at Target.



@gideonfrost: I'm having trouble even considering Lowe's or Home Depot, either one, as a place where you will find anything that will make you happy in this regard.

You should probably start at Penny's or BB&B. If you place the rods high enough, you can get some very attractive rods with elegant finials at BB&B, and spend far, far less for those curtains than if you go with drapes and traverse rods. They are also much easier to install, and (to my mind, at least) more attractive, unless you are looking to make a formal living room.

Here's a really nice selection of rods with finials:

Best thing about this is that the various styles of looped curtains (which multiple places, including BB&B, sell) is that you will spend MUCH less money. My living room was around $1200. Any of my rod+final+curtains was less than $100.


@magic cave: Definitely agree that @gideonfrost should check online at They have very reasonable prices. I picked up room darkening/insulated rod pocket curtains there for #1 daughter there at a very reasonable price. Check for coupons good towards order totals and shipping discounts.
I was surprised to see my local Lowe's carried not only rod pocket sheers, but also drapes. I know I've been looking all over for double rod pocket panels to fit on my French doors, but am having no luck. I really don't want to pay more than $10-15 per panel.


I know Kohl's also sells the blackout curtains, and have a friend who recently bought a set at Bed, Bath & Beyond for his bedroom. He bought them in black and said even at noon it looks like midnight in his bedroom. We both have the same type of rods, just standard straight drapery rods which are very easy to hang and accomdate most curtains.


I got mine at a good price from Ana's Linens. They were very attractive and I think I paid $16 a panel for them in the floor length.There were even prettier ones also under $20, but they were either not the right color or too ornate for my tastes.