questionswhat should i do with a bent car rim?


Sell it for scrap. It would never be the same if it could be/was repaired.


Cracked.. Sell it for scrap, going rate is $25.00 a rim...


Bolt it to the outside wall next to the water spigot.
Use it to keep the hose off the ground.


Does your car have a full size spare? Have it repaired and use it for your spare.
I've had wheels fixed before and they were fine.


Depends on the level of damage. But I would recommend re-purposing it or scrapping it if you are at all unsure.


@jsimsace: Not so. There are specialty firms that can MIG weld, true & balance car & motorcycle wheels. Generally speaking, if it's an Aston Martin or a Bentley, that would be an option as the wheels are so expensive. Most normal cars, though, it's cheaper to scrap it & start over.
But it can be repaired, just not inexpensively.


we used them as charcoal pits for grilling on the beach


Glue sparkly plastic gems to it and sell it on etsy as art.

Or, use it as a hose holder, like the suggestion above.


@gidgaf: That is a great idea-and it's an alloy that's rust-free! If it faces the neighbor's house, hope they're 'car guys'.


Sell for scrap, I had three 17" rims I got $25 each for them at the local scrap yard.


do like my friend did and melt em down and make an oddly colored casting of excaliber!


Yeah, I too advise you to sell them on scrap, as they would never retain the same condition. It would be better to buy rather a used one for your car. I too bought stylish pair of used alloys for my Ford from . You can too find perfect alloys for your vehicle at great price and condition.