questionswhat's wrong with you woot?


I think Woot is still exploring their options with the whole cross posting on amazon.

They have offered similar deals on the Woot sites many times so it's not like they are leaving us out.

They still love you, but Woot wants an open marriage.


Bigger market. If they put it on the wootoff then they lose their supply for Amazon and at $20 people probably wouldn't have bought it anyway because Lock and Lock has been offered for less.


Just another thing to make woot less wooty


This wootoff I snagged several things that I thought were very good deals.

However, for the most part, it felt like an orgy of sloppy-amazon-seconds. :$


In regards to the product being offered today, I thought it was a pretty good deal at first too, but then I read the reviews. Holy crap! Exploding glass!? Nothx...

Think I will splurge a bit and get real Pyrex just to be safe (literally).


i dunno, but the shampoo isn't helping!


Perhaps woot just has a second-rate brand manager. Or Amazon has visited one upon them. (No offense, guys, but it's starting to look that way.)


It was also one of the rare occasions when woot offers totally free shipping. BTW, unavailable now at 3:15 woot time.