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Check your t.v.'s settings for changing the source for audio output. From t.v.'s speakers to whatever else it may be. Good luck there. Post link to model again if you need and I can attempt to do some further research.


@xarous: I'm really clueless about how to change the settings on my TV. It was set up for me and I haven't had to change them. I'd appreciate any help you can give me.

The model is

Thanks again


I was sure that he could, and he did. Don't we have PMs on this side?


@minkeygirl7: I am unfamiliar with this model, but after reading the manual I'd look for the menu key that is toward the bottom left of the remote. Once there open the sound menu. Use the up/down arrows on remote to select audio setup or audio settings. Check there. While researching these t.v.s some of the models do not let you independently control headphones and speakers. I'd recommend muting the t.v. and see if you still get sound out of the headphones, switching the audio options to speakers off, or receiver, or something similar. I hate being so vague, but there isn't much out there for your model specifically. I've read in some places that some models are not compatible with analog headphones and you might have to have a digital to analog converter. Those would run you another 15-60 bucks (depending on which one) and you'd need a fiber optic cable, it would get pretty complicated at that point. Hope some of this helps, some way. Sorry you are having trouble.


@xarous This is what I get on the Audio Setup.

PC Audio No or Yes
HDMI 1 Audio. IF PC audio on No then it says AUTO (I am not using HDMI)
MTS (Greyed out)
Digital Output Format
Dolby Digital Greyed out

I looked at all the setting options and i don't see anything else about controlling the speakers. I got this in a huge rush and I saw audio output so thought that meant headphones. I like the TV except for this.

I really appreciate your help with this. You've been really helpful. I'll contact Toshiba and let you know what they say.


Good luck with tech support/customer service and please do share with us what they say. Though I am afraid they may steer you in the direction of a digital receiver that has a headphone jack or digital to analog converter. If you have a local Best Buy (since they carry this tv) you could ask them. I'd fancy their "Geek Squad" may have had similar complaints/issues with some of these Toshibas.


@xarous: I'll definitely let you know what I find out. I did get this at Best Buy so calling the Geek Squad is an option I hadn't thought of. I'm not going to buy anything more than I did if there isn't an option with the speakers. It doesn't make sense to me that a decent TV like this doesn't have more options. Worst case, if the noise is bad I'll just go into my bedroom. And I'll make sure that the TV I get for my bedroom has a headphone jack. Thanks again.


Which jack are you plugging the headphones into? I looked at a copy of your user manual and they don't even reference using headphones with this TV.


@missellienc: Go back and read this entire question. All the info is there.


@xarous: I just talked to the Geek Squad. She had me look at the remote like you did for a place to turn the speakers on and off. She didn't have specific knowledge about that TV so I'm going to have to call Toshiba. Honestly, how can they make a TV like that and not have headphone jacks? My crappy old analog TV has a headphone jack. I'll call them this week some time and get back to you.


I read the thread but are you plugging the splitter into your red and white audio out jacks?


@minkeygirl7: Sorry for asking so many questions but it seems the TV isn't designed to kill the volume when using an external device (such as a home theater receiver or headphones in your case). Hopefully Toshiba can help you out. In the mean time, do your headphones have a volume control? Could you turn the volume down on the TV and use the volume control on the headphones?