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"It sounds like the troops’ moral is diminishing. I have been sent to clean up the mess, address the issues and right the ship. It looks like I have an uphill battle, but I have a good battle plan. If you will give me time, you have my commitment that we be victorious in our pursuit of the best Beachhead of Ceasefire yet."



"I know there is some dissension in the ranks due to the changing of the guard. I have read that some of you are grumbling about how your crap is too crappy, not crappy enough or too much like your neighbor’s crap. Instead of addressing each of those complaints individually, let me just say that I am aware of the issues and have the power to make changes where changes need to be made."



"I am here to make sure that the items being shipped are more diverse, interesting, bizarre, broken, weird and worthy of blog banter. I am also here to make sure that every package has, at least, the minimum amount of crap and that the crap gets shipped in a timely manner. I am here to make sure that communication about the shipped crap is distributed so that everyone can start getting battle-ready to receive their crap.

I know that there is more to address, but a plan doesn’t work if it never gets started. I am sure that this plan will work and make this a mean, lean, crapping machine. See you in the trenches."



i've always got high hopes for bags of crap


@missellienc: Hey, you forgot to point us all to the original. Dammit.

Aw, @colonelcrap is just a baby, new to Woot, and innocent yet in the ways of Woot, and Deals, and perhaps the world in general.

Welcome to Woot!

Now we just have to drag him over here, to Deals, where we can torture him directly, instead of just view it from afar.


@shrdlu: My bad. Thanks for picking up my slack.


come to think of it, all of my crap has been getting crappier and crappier since my first crap. I am excited for all future craps like anyone should! Hip Hip for crap! Hip Hip for crap!


This sounds like craptastic news, indeed. Maybe by the time I finally snag a BOC it will be full of craptacular crappy goodness.


Excited to see what he will do. I got the latest Bag of Crap and, although I really enjoyed what was in it, it kind of sucked knowing almost exactly what I was going to get, with just a few variations. It wasn't very random.


The BOC has needed an overhaul for quite some time now.
I look forward to seeing the Boggy old Creature restored to its former glory.


@shrdlu: What is the survival rate for newly recruited Woot Minions???


@hobbitss: This is not a minion, though. This is staff. Different.


I've been trying to get that darn BOC for years...I've all but given up. I've always been "right there" but I always seem to miss it. I get a little sick to my stomach when I see people that have like +10...
Even if Colonel Crap does make changes it's not like its going to effect this guy at all..but good luck to the rest of you!


@studerc: well I've only gotten like 6 or 7, so I am not in the "10+ group"... and anything can happen!



@studerc: Took me staying up Christmas Eve after the family had gone to bed and dealing with a server crash for a half an hour to finally get one. Other than that when I know it will hit, I am at a loss. They always hit while I am at work and the firewalls are a pain to get around to get anything done quickly enough.


@wisenekt: I was also up during Christmas Eve, luckily we had a freak wind storm and the electricity went out..I attempted to get the Santa Crap on my phone, but it was too late. It's more of a joke to me now, brand new wooters can just suddenly jump in a snag a bag, but my years of dedication are all for nothing. But what can you do :P shrugs shoulders


I'm sure I'll remain to slow to ever get a BOC, but I'm glad I'll at least be able to bask in the reflected glory of those getting fun and bizarre items again


@devexityspace: ONLY 6 or 7...haha. If I could get 1! I would be happy.


@colonelcrap: If I may offer up a suggestion. Maybe you could go back to having the BOC during a random time during the woot off! It's basically rule of thumb now that the bag will pop up on the last day of the woot-off between 3-5 central time..everybody looks for it then, why not switch it up! That way true wooters, like myself, can have a better chance of getting the bag!


What the... @colonelcrap: is going to make the Crap more desirable, is woot nuts?!? A website that takes more then 10 minutes to load is not enough?

FYI I almost had the BOC addiction kicked. Last time I only tried for 15 minutes and then gave up.

Thanks! @colonelcrap: old school crap is back!


I really like the idea of dropping the bag at a truly random time. I stay awake for 80% of the wootoff and really really hope one doesn't start tonight because I need my sleep.

@colonelcrap I really hope you can fix the BoC because I've been disappointed with 4 of my 5 b0cs and 3 have been mirror BoC's of many others.


Crap used to be randomly at midnight, not part of a Woot-off. That was more fun.


@studerc: How about this suggestion - offer BOCs at on random regular days, not just during a Woot-Off, like was done in the early days of Woot!


Hopefully the BOC goes back to the way it once was and returns to being worthy of being the highly sought after item it is. Myself and a friend have been lucky enough to get a few BOC between us (including both Santa's Sac) in the last few months and have been so disappointed in the drop off we both decided it was no longer worth the effort to get uniform boxes with crap that looked more like it was from a 99 cent store then what BOC's once were. Based on this message it seems like it may be worth attempting to purchase once again. I hope it returns back to the fun pure random crap that made it so much fun in the past! And always loved the great stories the letters produced, were a great touch.


I don't know if I believe the BoC will ever be worth my time again with how downright vanilla and boring my sack was. It looked more like someone went to the nickle table at the Dollar store, and shoveled a handful of stuff no one in their right mind would ever want in a box, and shoved it out the door.


@devexityspace: Yeah, ditto...I love the BOCs for what they are, so you'll never hear me complain.. but my bag previous to Santa's contained:
2 Xtra Small shirts and a monkey lol - that was it.


This is good to hear. I always find at least a tiny shred of happiness when I open a bag, and I expected the Santa Sack to be slightly better than usual. Instead, it was the absolute lamest bag I've ever gotten. There even seemed to be a theme: Weird teenage girl. From the flower bag, to the cupcake lipgloss, to the girly headband, to the... um... poop task bands... (they were girly colors...) it was just a box full of sadness


@shrdlu: You think @colonelcrap is actually a "him" and not more of an "it" or "they/them?" (a la @wootbot)

Guess we'll see heh.. (unless this has already been established and I'm outta loop :D, which is a very real possibility)


What? Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!


@drchops: The only "bot" I know of is Wootbot, which has been an automated process for as long as I've been paying attention. Although poor JW is beginning to be apocryphal to some of the newer folks here, we know he's an actual person. Did you read the link to the post that Missellienc so kindly provided in her first three comments above? That sounds like a person to me.

I'd say male, too, because (mostly) folks on staff are encouraged to choose their own usernames, and that seems like the choice someone male would make. Mind you, in real life, I've known women who were Colonels or above in rank, but I don't think I've known anyone who chose that as a part of their name.

I wonder if he's following the thread here with some bemusement; hopefully it's not in trepidation. Mostly we're nice folks, here. Mostly.


@drchops: I don't think we know the gender of the Colonel yet.

@shrdlu: I concur, I don't believe the Colonel is a bot.


@missellienc: I'll be glad to make a wager on this. I say male. Interesting...

What can we use for money?


@shrdlu: I actually think CC is a male too but I might be surprised when the dirty truth comes out.


@shrdlu: Sorry, guess I should have been a little cleared heh...not a "bot," I mean more like a "mouthpiece" that speaks for the Woot! collective.

Basically what I'm saying is...a name that's not tied to one specific person :)... suppose I over-complicated that a bit heh
Or maybe a one-off identity created specifically for the task of announcing the whipping of crap into shape.

Or maybe one of our Staff comrades with a new name tied to their new mission?

Or...I suppose there IS also the possibility that he is in fact - as you say - a "person" :D

[ed] And I'd say monkeys [for money], but I want in on the gambling and my monkey supply isn't fat enough to bet with :)


"I am here to make sure that the items being shipped are more diverse, interesting, bizarre, broken, weird and worthy of blog banter."

If the colonel can accomplish this then it is a good start...but I think the days of geeky tech in the BOC may be done now that woot sells so many different types of items. When it was just and most of the items were tech then that is what they had lying around.


@studerc: I also feel your pain. Tried and 'missed it by that much'. So even though the prospect of scoring some better crap in the future sounds nice. The reality of it ever reaching my doorstep is not so great.


We were incredibly saddened by our crap. My husband and I both got one as well as my parents scoring their first one. Out of the three boxes, the best things were a toilet foot flusher and two reusable flower printed bags.

All hail ColonelCrap, or anyone else that wants to bring the glory back to the crap.


I finally had my first Bag of Crap, which came for Christmas. But, I basically already knew what was in it because it seems everyone basically got the same thing. It really made opening it not as exciting, and my first BoC experience.. well, kinda crappy.

I do hope if I get another, it's more random so I don't know what I'm getting because it seems 95% of the folks got the same.

Spitball target practice, anyone?


@pooflady: Not fun for those of us that live on the east coast and have to wake up in AM for work. We don't see the new Woots until 1:00am


@colonelcrap if you're listening, may I suggest a kids.woot BOC?


jeremytheindian: @colonelcrap if you're listening, may I suggest a kids.woot BOC?

I agree! There are kids I struggle to give gifts to because their Dad spoils the crap out of them, so anything they do get they lose interest in shortly, unless its a video game, so a kids BOC would be perfect for giving them! Plus there are occasionally things on kidswoot that I wouldn't mind in college ( nerf weapons ect)

I have gotten one BOC and have been on here a decent amount of time, and the only time I did was with a website that opens the BOC buy page. It was crap, but I always kept trying because of the stories of a pallet with a big screen and action figures ect. It has lost my interest now, and I no longer go out of my way to try to get one. Make the BoC awesome again!


We can only hope he has the power to keep the servers afloat during a BOC. Alas I have my doubts about that.


@apocello42: ColonelCrap didn't mention anything about hardware in his battle address (Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new Server). :-) I guess we'll have to continue to fight the "battle of the servers" on our own!


Got mine today. First ever, will not be trying to get one ever again. Not even 8 dollars worth of stuff. 1 brown shirt, 1 hulk usb button, a 4 pack of magnetic clips, 2 tap lights, and a crappy bag. This is BS. 2.3 lb bag BTW. Serious, I couldn't even Ebay this stuff to get my money back. WTF