questionsdid you know google will be eliminating google…


When I saw that on Ars I thought it was a joke. Thanks for the link to the petition! I hope they don't kill it; it's fantastically useful.


I'm sad its going away too, but at least there are a lot of other rss readers


I saw this yesterday, and am pissed. They are killing iGoogle soon (something I use every day). They had suggested Reader as a replacement: now they are killing that off too. WTF!


It's all about the +
RSS, while incredibly useful, isn't "cool/edgy/trendy/WEB-two-point-ohhhhh"

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Wasnt that the plan when Google Currents was launched?


@wilfbrim: iGoogle will not be available after November 1, 2013.
That one hurts me more than Reader. I'm not looking forward to iGoogle going away...not even sure what I'm going to do after that. It seriously manages everything that I want...any thoughts? (not really trying to hijack this thread...)

Google is good -- I love them for the services that they do provide, but sometimes I do question why they kill certain products and keep others alive...


Ok, this is semi-hilarious because I JUST started using it approximately a week ago!


@sgrman05: @wilfbrim: I've been playing around with It's getting better, I think. But I will really miss iGoogle when November comes.


Google's "spring cleaning" is all sorts of saddening. They put out an idea to see how people like it and yank it away when it's deemed not popular enough.


People have been recommending Feedly and [NewsBlur ( as good alternatives.

Feedly requires a plug-in on your browser. I haven't gotten a chance to test both yet. Any input on these things?


I'm curious what other people use too.


@dfunk29: Yeah! I should've made that the question...Just made a tattle request to change the title. Hopefully it works.


I just found The Old Reader which is probably the closest to Google Reader we're going to find. There's a queue of 29k people for importing your feed though...Hey, maybe it'll be done by July 1st!