questionswhere can i get a deal on-line for a queen sizeā€¦


I have the Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump. You can get it for around $50 most places. Excellent airbed.


@thefenst: Will it hold up for everyday use ?

The reviews on Amazon are mixed and on the low side for the most part.

Thought I would ask an owner-wooter for the straight talk !


I only use it for guests, but it works well for my use.


Your definition of 'holding up' has to change for airbeds. I have used them (varying from lowend, through middle line Intex, up to special fabric highend types) for about 2 years total residency at a vacation home which I rent out unfurnished when I travel. No airbed has lasted more than a few months regardless of care.
If they give out right away, almost any established seller will allow an exchange, but a few months is the best you can hope for (I continue to use them because discarding a failing one or carrying along a useful one when I travel is convenient anyway.)


@amazonwlogin: Not only are you over three years late to the party, you are wasting money on buying the low to mid priced airbed every few months.

I purchased a Serta Elevated Diamond Coil Airbed for $159. on Jan. 4, 2012 and it is still perfect to this day. I use it every single night.