questionswhich workout regime should i do next?


I don't know a lot about the DVD type workouts but I have some friends who swear by Crossfit. They especially like that it's free. Although you might need some initial instruction to make sure that you have good form.

Personally, I love my boot camp class at my gym. Unfortunately it's only once a week but for those 45 minutes I'm often glad it's only once a week. I don't care how good burpees or one-legged bear crawls are for me, I don't like them. But I love that it's always something different and always a great, full-body workout. I also like that we've got a good, core group of regulars in the class. The instructor emphasizes team work and we often go through the workouts in pairs or even as a whole group. It's great to have someone else to help cheer you on and, especially in my case, count for you. I'm notorious for getting distracted and losing count. Might be worth it to see if there are some boot camp classes somewhere near you.


I hate to be "that guy", but isn't it "regimen"?. Why is every word in the question capitalized?

Sorry, it's been a long week. Whatever workout you like will be fine with me. I would go with P90X2.


@jsimsace: Actually, both are correct and equally acceptable. But I draw the line at regiment. That's a pet peeve of mine.


@jsimsace: Regimen was actually the word I was wanting to write, but my brain wouldn't let me. Long week for me too.


@gt0163c: I don't have a gym membership currently. I had a Gold's Gym membership, but I moved far enough away that I couldn't go to the gym very often, but they wouldn't let me cancel my membership since I wasn't far enough away for their taste (I don't want to waste 20-30 minutes driving to the gym, especially since I have a family to tend to also).

I found that spending the $150-$200 for the DVD workouts and the equipment that goes with it was cheaper than the membership over the course of the 2 year contract. I've purchased P90x and Insanity and I've gotten much better results than what I got at the gym (however, I never took advantage of the classes at the gym due to my schedule).

Insanity's intensity really surprised me! Some mornings I wake up dreading the torture I'm going to put my body through, but knowing I finished and am feeling it makes it all worth it. I think these tending to be very similar to those boot camps, except, its just me doing the workout.