questionsare you going to watch the new thundercats?


skipping all and waiting for Dexter or Power-Puff Girls. Or Pinky & the Brain...


i hope they put a grainy filter on top of the drawings, and fade the colors down a little bit. and make the lines thicker
then it'll be good as old


Heck yes! Thundercats! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Ick! I cant stand the look of the new Animation...Blundercats.


Michael Jordan ended his career with the Bulls, there was only 1 Matrix movie, and I still wish they would make movies about what happened before Star Wars: A New Hope.

I'm stuck in my ways, so probably not...


On the plus side, Cheetarah is still smokin' hot. In the original 80's series, that cartoon chick was certainly an influence on me as I first began thinking girls were not so "icky" after all.

Plus, I hear that in this one they made Snarf more like a pet/non-speaking character. I always found his voice to be a complete annoyance and the worst part of the original 80's show. For that reason alone, I'd watch it with my sons.

(Although I am concerned about what I'll say if my ten year old son starts asking me questions about Cheetarah.)


Yes! Thundercats was one of my all time favorite cartoons, and having it back, in any form, is alright in my book.


Thunderbirds Are A Go?
They're making another remake of Thunderbirds?

I'm confused...


Lol no. Thundercats were one of those things that became really popular because we all liked the show as kids and then it became popular again when retro t-shirts came into style.

Who has actually rewatched the thundercats in oh say the last 5 years? It's utter crap. Let it go.


I'd rather slide down a razor into a pool of alcohol.