questionswhat's the best time to have your ebay auction…


It's not about the time. If it's something people want, they will be willing to snipe for it anytime. Otherwise, yeah, less than stellar results. At least that's my understanding.


Actually it is all about the ending time. Do you really want to end your auction on a weekend, when everyone is our and about? Or do you want to end it on a week day (late morning or early afternoon), while people are still at their computers? Make sure it is a good time for both East and West Coast bidders to mazimize your bidder pool.

Buy-it-nows you can end whenever but those auctions are all about timing and when you can have the most views on-line wait to snipe.


Seems like Monday is a favorite online shopping day. Apparently there are lots of folks who shop from work :-)


On a serious note, I agree with @ocheri, and to take it a step further, 1pm capitalizes on the people who can only surf at lunch, and those just returning from their lunch breaks.


Assuming everyone in the world shares my habits, between 7 and 9PM on a Sunday through Thursday, or 9-10AM Saturday morning.

It's growing less relevant now that email alerts and Ebay can be accessed by cell phones. So if the results were a total disaster, then lack of interest or advertising may be something to consider.


@gregorylikescheapstu: exactly.

Some companies do not allow their employees to use the internet for personal reasons. Some companies actually have tech people who report who went where and for how long. Some companies won't even allow the use of a personal phone at a work station. I worked in an area once that all personal cell phones had to be left in the employees car, and if they were found on the worksite the employee could be terminated.

I second 7-9, especially taking into account time zone differences.


I used to use a site that would give the best price of the close listings and give charts showing best price by time of day of course I can't find it now.
What I remember from using it for software searches was the weekend was a definite NO. Tues to Thurs at about 1pm or 2pm Pacfic seemed to be best.