questionsdid you hear about the parrot that helped solve…


The nephew, 35, who also had a bite mark on his hand from the woman's dog, was arrested and charged on Tuesday along with an accomplice after the murder weapon and the jewelry were recovered, a local police officer said. Shalabh Mathur, senior superintendent of Agra police, acknowledged the bird called "Heera" -- which means diamond in Hindi -- proved useful. "We got a lot of help from the parrot to zero in on the murderer," Mathur was quoted as saying by the Press Trust of India news agency.

Just thought that was a cool story I'd share.


@moondrake: "The investigating officer Superintendent Satyarth Anirudh said he was skeptical of the claims and said normal police work had identified the killer. “It was a blind murder, no clues, but were were sure someone close to the family was involved. We questioned many people and found who had visited the house in the absence of the victim’s husband.
"We interrogated all the suspects and the nephew of the victim confessed to the crime. We don’t know where the parrot came into it,” he said."

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@no1: LOL. There's no such thing as facts anymore. Just sources. It seems the Senior Superintendent of Police credits the bird and the investigating officer does not.


@no1: Well, woot cut me off. The police superintendent says one thing, the investigating officer says another. It just depends on who you want to believe. I will take the PetMD version of events over that of The Telegraph, both because it's more fun, and because PetMD didn't misspell "clues". If you want to be a credible news source, spelling all your words correctly is a minimum standard.


Well, this is just driving me crackers, but it looks to me like the police are trying to flip the bird.


the bird is completely plausible. I thought by the header it was going to be a talking parrot that gave it up.
Still, the bird helping out vs the investigator getting an outright confession, I'll take the bird.


@ceagee: I was just driving down in Miami, and plenty of folks down there are willing to give you the bird. ;-)