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I decided to call a paranormal investigator. I told them my story and they said it sounded completely credible but wanted to check out the electrical in our house (???) and were ready to come over until my wife changed her mind. She decided she didn’t want to give it attention. So I e-mailed them back and said we were going to ignore it. After a week of ignoring it, everything calmed down.

Now about a year after we had our last “sighting” it has come back with full force. Doors are now slamming, shaking and the ceiling sounds like it may crack down on us - shadows etc. I’ve had a roofer come out and look and he can find nothing that would cause such sounds – it’s not normal settling, it sounds like someone is on the roof jumping up and down. The feces smell is back but only my wife can smell it. Ignoring it is not working, we still don’t want those people in our house because we think it may just open the flood gates.

Anyone have any experience? We're not religious


Not that this has a ghost of a chance of helping but...

Since you know the name of the people who built/owned the home, & providing you know the widow is still alive, you probably can assume your noisy roommate is the original owner. Send the kids off to play outdoors, sit down with your spouse, & have a very loud chat with your ghost. Yes, weird.
Tell him his wife thought the home was too big for her. She felt you would be a lovely family who would cherish the home & be very happy there. Say you will very happily share the home with someone who so obviously loves his home, & he is welcome for as long as he cares to stay, but to know there ARE others on the other side who will welcome him as well if he chooses to move on.
Also say the noises & smells will not make you move from the home you love. You're asking him to help watch over you & the little ones for as long as you live in the home.

At worst, you'll only feel like fools talking to only thin air. At best, peace.


Creepy! I am not religious either, but the house I grew up in was built in 1904, though there was a full rebuild after a 1923 fire. It is so difficult to say if I still believe everything I did long ago because it has been several years, but we used to have some strange things happen. My mother's family also grew up in the house in the 60's and 70's. They said there was a ghost who liked to pick on my grandmother named 'George', who supposedly died in the fire.

Anyways, we would hear distrinct footsteps a lot, loud creaks, things would crash, and I used to swear something would bump into my bed throughout the night. I came to terms with George as I got older and decided he was a friendly sort of guy just looking out for us since my grandmother died. Nowadays, I am more inclined to believe it was just a very old house with lots of little oddities that made sounds. But who knows - I used to be certain as death!

Just sharing my idea what I'd do in your situation.


Advice: learn that there are no such things as ghosts or hauntings and try to find out what is ACTUALLY happening with the house.


I'm wondering how you could tell the difference between the smell of human feces and Old Spice.


@lavikinga: I see what you did there...

Not religious, but believe in ghosts - so there is a faith of some-sort to work with, it seems?

Try getting pillar candle, white. Then write a short note asking the universe/God/whatever you believe in, asking for peace, and to clear the negative presence from your home. Place this page under your candle, light the candle, and let it burn until it burns out on it's own. This could take a few hours, or a few days. Have everyone who is involved do something with this candle.

If that, and/or following @lavikinga's advice - pm me.


My only actual haunting has been from an ex wife.
And if it wasn't for the constant presence of witnesses,
the hauntings may have gotten more literal.


@thumperchick: He could try the "smudging" each interior corner of the house with sage...but I think that's more left to the realm of Native Americans & might be for something other than someone who doesn't want to leave.

I don't believe in ghosts, per se, but I do think there is something with a scientific basis to explain what people believe with all their heart they have heard, seen, or felt. Something more concrete than over-active imaginations primed to see spooks. There are more things in heaven & earth...I wonder if magnetic fields, energy and some odd way of recording events has something to do with it all.

You guys should google "infrasound" to see how it relates to ghosts/unusual sights, sounds & smells. Pretty interesting.

I've heard a few odd warnings in my life & would damned well like to know just who/what in the heck was giving me those messages, because as a rational being, there was no explanation for what & how I heard them unless they came from my own mind.


Get your water and air quality checked. Ingesting small amounts of toxins can cause you to taste or smell familiar things that aren't really there.


I'm going to refrain from being offensive about voodoo doodoo. With that, seriously consider what @samstag suggests.


@samstag: hallucinations also?
I've always fancied the notion that "ghosts" were just people in a parallel universe where the probability membrane between theirs and ours was very thin. Then I learned some physics.

Get ahold of Fringe division and hope they don't have to amber the place.

Also, check the crawl space, you may have a homeless person living there (I've seen it happen)

What an intriguing tale.
Also, any fracking going on near you?

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I do consider myself somewhat religious (although I'm not a regular church-goer), and I believe in the soul, so I cannot discount the possibility of spirits. I even had a siting of my own once. However, I have to agree with @samstag. Most of us have read the stories of families who swore their homes were haunted, only to discover that fumes from their furnace were making them delusional.

Here's another thought, and, frankl,y a more scary one. A number of years ago we had neighbors whose adolescent daughter was hospitalized for hearing voices calling her name, claiming that someone was moving things in her room, et al. It was eventually learned that a homeless man had found a way in and out of their attic. He had built himself a nest up there, coming down into the house when they were away to raid the pantry and explore. He amused himself by finding a vent into the daughter's room and whispering her name through it when no one else was around. Urgh!


@j5: I'm not a neurologist but my understanding is that false smells and tastes are not far removed from visual hallucinations. They're all caused by misfiring neurons caused by drugs, toxins, anxiety, tumors, etc.

I'd probably also consider seeing a doctor and explaining the "symptoms" of what the family is experiencing. Some of it, like the strange sounds and shadows could just be attributed to being in a new home and anxiety over thinking you've got ghosts, but the root cause seems to be the foreign smells that multiple people have confirmed. That's what should be investigated because it could indicate a real problem in the environment.


I don't believe in ghosts or hauntings, so find the actual source of the rational problem. There are several great explanations here.


@j5: Absolutely: fumes or other household toxins can cause every type of hallucination: auditory, visual, olfactory (smell), tactile (touch), gustatory (taste), as well as (essentially) hallucinations that have to do with temperature and balance.

@ryanwb, please follow @samstag's suggestion. Even if you believe 100% that there's a ghost haunting your house, the ghost is unlikely to kill you or cause permanent damage to your kids, but toxic mold or contaminants in your water could.


The nightmares are unfortunate, although possibly a consequence of anxiety- feeling as though your personal security is being threatened. The shaking ceiling is interesting, especially if it isn't shuddering coinciding with gusty weather.

With the exception of the old spice possibly this interesting slideshow/article will provide you with some workable solutions.


Many suggestions here, I appreciate it. I am a complete skeptic, I always thought, "when yuer dead, yer dead". However the things I've seen and heard are just beyond the threashold of my imagination.

Few things, my wife is a crazy person when it comes to our food, no boxed carbohydrates in our diet. I've had the house looked over for mold, we live in Arizona so there isn't many cases of it. We don't drink alcohol, all our water is bottled but we do partake in very occational marijuana use.

The nightmares seem to come in waves and it started with just me, then the entire family, now it's only my wife. The paranormal investigators want to come in and test our electrical currents, or something like that. They say that they are responsible for most cases of people seeing odd things. We've a ton of electrical things in our house so I'd be happy if that were it.


Call an building engineer, have him inspect the home, and also get a soil/air/water quality test.

At our upstate vacation house, we had a neighbor who was "haunted" - turns out methane seeping through shale way underground, had created a cavity under his foundation. This led to a few things: the foundation wasn't equally supported anymore, and the house started settling again. door jambs wouldn't line up as well anymore, causing them to mysteriously open or swing shut. Same with cabinetry, and all sorts of creaking noises, as the nails and screws in old wood beams would stretch and pop. The house would even experience trembles every now and then. The air quality in the house became toxic enough to create hallucinogenic effects, due to mild oxygen starvation. (cont'd)


The nightmares? who knows.. but if i were an impressionable young child and my parents started talking about ghosts and ghouls, i'd be freaked out also (and never, ever assume that what you say in hushed tones isn't heard by the young ones... I had all kinds of secrets for listening in.. via the vents, near a certain corner of a room that would have amazing acoustic carry, etc...) The township condemned the property after many attempts at fixing, because the earth underneath was too unpredictable. He was made to rebuild his home on a separate part of the property (had about 25 acres if i recall correctly) and all of the surrounding pieces of land and properties were made to have soil tests tone, and some needed deeper core drills. Whatever your personal beliefs about the afterlife, spirits, and whatnot - don't let it get in the way of very real and dangerous possibilities.


After my dad passed away he visited us at our upstate NY home. TV's and radio's going on by themselves, lights turning on. Nothing real creepy. Then the smells started to happen. Strange as it sounds, it was the smell of some really delicious italian sausage and it happened while we were in the car going over a freeway overpass. There was nothing for miles around and I had the air on recycle. After about a month dad left and I'm always glad to see him in my dreams :)

He visited my mom, too. She woke up to the smell of toll house chocolate chip cookies baking. She had no cookies to bake though LOL She also got a missed call on her cell phone from him months after he had passed. I cannot explain that one. Weird. Dad was just letting us know everything was fine.

I like the suggestion of talking out loud to your visitor. I also like the idea of smudging aka burning sage, a cleansing ritual. Can't hurt might help.

Good luck with the visitor . He sounds annoying


The paranormal investigator's use of EMF detectors to measure electromagnetic fields is standard. Sometimes paranormal activity is preceded by an unnatural rise in the field, so they must first sweep your home to make sure the EMF is at standard levels in all areas at normal times.

Nothing you describe is new to the realm of paranormal investigators. It sounds like your home is host to a hostile entity. Strong smells, obnoxious smells, elusive shadows, nightmares & threatening sounds from the ceiling are all part of a campaign of negativity. And your wife being the only one experiencing nightmares could be an indication that "it" has determined that she will be the favorite toy.

But it is also true that these things come and go for reasons not yet understood. Some of the most haunted homes have experienced a year of escalation, then six years of quiet, then a sudden return picking up where it left off. I'd have the paranormal team do a 1st visit right away.


If the TV show House has taught me anything, you are living in former "slave's quarters" and when the "master home" was remodeled, it introduced a gas leak into your home.

...that's mostly said tongue-in-cheek, but seriously, before calling the Ghostbusters, call a few home professionals.


@goatcrapp: I want to be clear, we've never mentioned this in front of the kids. As scared as my wife have been from time to time we always put on a happy face. My kids are oblivious except for what thye have seen but we play it off like pros. As for as they are concerned it was the cat making noise or they had eaten too late and that was why they have bad dreams.

@all: We live in Arizona, our homes are built much differently than back East. We have no crawl space under the house, we do not have natural gas, it's dry here so there is very few mold problems, we don't even have an attic (We'll we do but the ceilings are vaulted so there is no room for a person to get up there.). We have no issues with mice or rats, no common wild animals live in our ecosystem. No squirrels, raccoons, nothing as we're in a desert.

I'm making an appointment to have my electrical systems examined, that might be our issue


Please please please know that a gas leak is not the only possible cause. Many other things offgas. You don't need a basement or crawl space to have issues with radon.

Fact: your house has a problem, and it isn't some dead person hanging out. But if you don't find and fix the problem, there will be.


@ryanwb: I think having an electrician in first might be a waste of money. An electrical problem isn't out of the question, but it seems much less likely than air/water contaminants. Electric faults usually produce a narrow range of smells that probably wouldn't be mistaken for Old Spice.


@ryanwb: You're dismissing the most common causes of chemical poisoning. With all due respect, you don't have the knowledge base to do that. Would you stake your children's lives on your certainty that the manufacture of your carpet backing didn't involve 1,3-butadiene? And so on and so on...

I have no idea what is happening in your house. I don't have time to list out all the neuropsychopharmacological substances that could be in, under, or around your house because there are thousands. The DW community has expressed serious concern for you and your family, but we can't care more about you than you care about yourself.


As a Christian, I can tell you that there are no such things as ghosts. People who die are gone.

And there are two sources of supernatural phenomenon. It sounds like yours is from the dark side.


I don't have any advice for you as I consider my non-corporeal guest as a housemate and mostly ignore it. Of course, it isn't nearly as hard to live with as your houseguest. In fact it is often helpful, particularly when I have lost something. My house is over 100 years old but I am only the third owner. The previous owner lived there for 63 years and died there. Shortly after moving in, I felt the presence, and I had a frank discussion with it. Although I am not Catholic I live in a Catholic town where it is common practice to have a priest bless a house to clear out unwanted spirits and energies. I told it that as far as I was concerned it had every right to be there as long as it was polite and didn't break things or try to scare me. If it behaved I would not ever do anything to try to evict it. Except for a bad weekend when it was upset with some remodeling I had done we've gotten along just fine. It's scared the crap out of a couple of housesitters, though.


I think there is a lot of great advice here - check all of the mundane, scientific stuff - I don't know what you were planning on spending to have the electrician out, but you may be able to get a county inspector out for less. If that turns up nothing? Well then, you have little to lose by having a one sided conversation or smudging, or burning a candle, or whatever.

I think there are also a lot of people who are convinced they're right and understand everything and that somehow entitles them to be rude or snarky. It doesn't. Disagree, proclaim whatever you need to, but don't insult anyone with your passive aggressive language.


@moondrake: I would love to hear about that bad weekend.


@thumperchick: In this case it is actually potentially endangering the lives of the OP and his family to dismiss the "mundane, scientific stuff" in favor of the voodoo mumbo-jumbo. These symptoms could be a sign of chemical poisoning from some source, such as radon or toxic mold, and could potentially cost lives if ignored.
Maybe there is a time and place for the superstitious hokey, but when you and your family are potentially in danger is NOT that time.


@stryker4526: Notice that I didn't say to dismiss science, or to NOT look for a mundane cause?

Right, now get down of that high horse before it bucks you off.


@thumperchick: I was addressing the second part of your post, where you attempt to belittle the people offering said solutions because they don't believe in your superstitions.


@stryker4526: Not at all. I don't really care what you believe in, or don't. I do care that every single one of your posts had a rude statement to anyone who disagrees with you, so I said something about it. Rudeness is a conversation killer and it's unnecessary.

It's simple to state this:
Starting with verifiable facts is probably your best bet. There could be a very real threat to you and your family's health here and dismissing that in favor of a 'haunting' is a bad idea. Here's where I think you should start: (Insert theory on off-gassing, electrical interference, etc. here)

But you chose to insult anyone who would entertain the idea of an unconventional, or non-scientific cause with your chosen language.

OP - I apologize for thread-jacking. I'll stop replying to this now and let you stop seeing emails that aren't useful answers to your original question.


@belyndag: It wasn't anywhere near as dramatic as what the OP is experiencing. I had a wall knocked out of the bathroom and the tub removed to make room for a nice glass steam shower stall and lovely basin style sink. The contractors did all the destruction but there were a lot of minor injuries and holdups which caused them to be delayed and the bathroom to remain in a shambles all weekend. When they left there was just this extreme sense of disquiet, like an electricity in the air. The dog and cat were both stalking around with their hackles up, and none of us could sleep at all the first night and barely the second. As soon as the remodeling was done it settled. A couple of years later when I had another big remodel to add a screen room, a deck, and a wall knocked out of the bedroom to add french doors to the deck, I actually went down to the basement where the feeling is always strongest and said, "Next week they are going to come and work on the house. TBC


contd: "It will be a big mess for a long time, but I promise, you are going to like it when it's done. See how beautiful the bathroom turned out? I am making our wonderful home even nicer." I had no problems at all with the second remodel (and I couldn't be happier with the result). Now, there are all kinds of mundane explanations for my experience and that's fine. I find the natural and the supernatural to be compatible, personally.


@moondrake: LOL! I should try that with my DH! He gets all bent out of shape when I move things around, too!

@ryanwb: I hope you will post back and let us know what you find out. As with @moondrake, I find what we call the natural and the supernatural to be compatible. I can't say that I DO believe in ghosts, but I also can't say that I DON'T. Please keep us posted!


I grew up in an ancient house (1400-something) in England. The house was 'haunted' by the ghost of (apparently) a girl who had murdered one of the lady-of-the-house's infant children.

She would wander the 2nd floor landings around a large square staircase and settle in one of the back rooms that we never used.

My mother was quite used to her. I was away most of the year at boarding school though, and avoided that area of the house (it was unused). And apart from the odd weird noise here and there, the odd chill up your spine, and 'catching things out of the corner of my eyes' - which I naturally attributed to just the age of the house, I wasn't ever disturbed by her. My bedroom in later years was above the 'room she settled in' and there was definitely 'something wrong' down under it. I never got the feeling it was malevolent though.

Oddly enough, (I'm pagan) I used a brick from that house as a 'grounding factor' in my 'handfasting' to the wife just a year ago - It felt right.


A haunting?...yea, it'll go away after you pass the 3rd grade.