questionshave you noticed/do you love the tag rebellion…


So it shall be recorded in the Big Book Of Tag Rebellion:
# they're-going-to-delete-this-tag-anyway
# ¡viva-la-revolución!
# we-will-not-be-censored

I had noticed earlier that @OhCheri's most recent deal had not one tag! As of an hour ago, the tags I chose for a Community question hadn't been altered. Of course, I wasn't posting protest tags, just trying to tag with something practical (for all the good that does).

Some of these protest tags everyone is adding have me laughing until I cry. Gawd! I love you guys so HARD sometimes!


@lavikinga: I posted the deal with no tags to see what would happen. As soon as it hit the Top tab the entire deal was deleted. So now we know what happens if you post a deal with no tags :)


So who is the tag ninja? Is he a new guy who is following the rules by the book? Is he a grisled veteran who is tired of life? Is he a he?


I'm assuming that in retaliation for posting a deal without tags the mod also deleted my other deal. @jumbowoot might want to see which mod is working today as they are abusing their power. Here is the direct link to the product page:

This model is covered from head to toe so the skimpiness of the outfit is not the reason for the deletion.


@ohcheri: Damn. It. So...
if you add the proper tags & your deal goes to popular, the tags get changed to what Deals feels is appropriate and you deal falls off the Popular Page. We've witnessed this happening recently.
If you DON'T add any tags and the deal goes to Popular, the ENTIRE deal is disappeared rather than Deals stepping in to add tags that push the deal back off the page. We've seen this happen recently as well.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! That sorta feels like you're being told to "just sit there and look pretty. We'll call you when we need you."


@lavikinga: If the powers-that-be are trying to chase everyone away they're doing a great job! least half of the deals on the Fresh tab have no tags. Part of the rebellion?

vote-for11vote-against Take a look at the varying tags I've found on corset deals. These are both fashion outerwear corsets & lingerie versions and the tags are all over the place. I don't know which of these tags were added by individual deal poster/vendors or were moderated tags.


@ohcheri and @lavikinga: I've said this before (as has @jumbowoot) but I suppose it bears repeating.

The person or persons changing tags could be any of a number of people.While there are official people working on any particular shift, including some that are purely eight to five, Monday through Friday, there are many who are able to change tags, words inside description, and so on. I'm not sure where deleting/expiring falls, but even then, the logs show that it happened, but they don't show who did it.

Even knowing who is or is not working is not as helpful as you'd think, since there are some people who have 24/7 access to staff capabilities (some of the developers, for example). Others only have access during official work hours. Personally, I'd have made the system log who as well as when, and it would probably be useful to add it in, now, but that's just my opinion.

The no tag deal being deleted is just wrong, and petty.


@shrdlu: ...wrong and confusing as hell, especially when we've been told in the past "if you don't know what to tag it, leave it to the mods & they'll figure it out."


Choose which you prefer but I think both fit:

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." (Sometimes shortened to "Absolute power corrupts absolutely".)


"Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it"


@mtm2: I'm kinda hoping for "Oh! I'm sorry. I misunderstood how you wanted us to handle moderating the tags."


@lavikinga: I understand your POV, but I think it's a bit more than that.

Could be someone new who "didn't know", but as Ohcheri mentions, it's happened before. All of us have had issues with things the mods have done.

Maybe it's a Woot! conspiracy!


@mtm2: You know what this means, don't you?


@lavikinga: I've got 4 sons - I've seen the boy's look before. You really don't want to know what he's thinking at that point...


@ohcheri: I hope they aren't purposefully trying to force you to not post deals. For what it is worth I have found some great deals for my wife from your site, and the one time you couldn't fulfill one of my orders you were very quick to notify me of the issue and were quite generous in your offer to allow me to chose a different product. When I couldn't decide on a replacement item you handled my refund quickly. In my opinion you are one of the best vendors on this site. I am sorry they are doing this.

I hardly pay attention to any of the woot sites anymore, deals.woot included. The over moderating and deleting of comments, such as telling others of a cheaper price for a deal, makes me wary to buy anything. Mostly I spend my time here in the ask the community section, because you all are great. The mods seem to tend to leave the ask the community section alone, for the most part. But, something tells me it won't be long before "they" come for that too.


I had a question deleted this morning. It was a fair and honest question, too. I'm not torn up about it, but the conspiracy is gaining momentum.
They're heeere...

edit: I did tag my "deal" for the Caterpillar Excavator as "jumping-the-shark". It was posted in response to the Great Rake v Hoe Debates of 2012


@ruger9mm: I appreciate your support ♥


Sharpening my pitchfork here. Time and place is all I need. Oh, and combustible substance for my torch.


@jsimsace: Found a deal on pitchforks in case you need a new one. Saw an "ergonomic" one but thought the "manure" potential for this fork might be more fitting.


@jsimsace: Tried to help out with the combustible materials. Didn't find any deals - tried to nail down some citronella oil - you know, fuel the torch and keep away bugs.


@ohcheri: I love that corset with the tie.. ADORABLE!!! I know this has nothing to do with anything, so no one needs to tell me that, thank you. Just joining into the convo. lol


I have often made tags along the lines of you-guys-are-just-gonna-delete-this-anyway. There's no point. Big brother is watching and changing our every word! AAAAAAAAAAAH-All hail Woot!!!


Good morning (for me), folks.

First, tags are for search optimization. The more consistent they are, the better results for searches. Period. That's it. No evil plan. Deals staff is responsible for the tags (and titles) on Deals. Community staff tags questions. We both use the same guidelines.

@ohcheri: I skimmed the logs and it looks like your deals were deleted by someone still learning the ropes over here. I don't think there was anything intentional. I've sent an email already. I definitely don't think it had anything to do with the tags. If you haven't already, go ahead and add your deals. Sorry for the confusion.


@thunderthighs: Of course you'd say that; you work for THEM. We'll keep wearing our tin foil hats and sleeping with one eye open, thank you very much.


@kylemittskus: I fully endorse tin foil hats. They're quite the fashion these days.


@thunderthighs: Mine's reused from my pizza I took home from the restaurant.

I smell delicious.


@thunderthighs: Thank you. More than I can say.

Nice to hear that's all it was (someone new, and overeager to show that they were on top of things). Everyone can stand down, now. Put away the pitchforks. Well, unless you're wanting to come help with the gardening...


@shrdlu: whew.
Ergonomic pitchforks and rakes are well worth the money!



What would the Founding Fathers have said? Or those troops at Valley Forge? Or Napoleon? Or Captain Jack Sparrow for that matter (you have heard of him, haven't you?)?

Wait a minute...there, loosened my tin foil hat. Feel much better now, thank you.


@thunderthighs: You took all the fun out of our rants! Now we need to find something else to complain much work down the drain, buying pitchforks, planning the storming of Woot! HQ, plotting what to do with the mods. And catering, now we have to cancel the catering.

There was going to be cake! I hope I can get my deposit back. :(


@mtm2: We should send the cake to @thunderthighs as a gesture of thanks for the answers.


@thunderthighs: Consistency/uniformity is essential for SEO, of course. I think it would help immensely (for both the deals posters and the moderation staff) to provide/post a list of the "acceptable" tags---the same thing used by the moderators. Not everyone would know to consult the list (and some just wouldn't do so anyway), but the most active and most responsible deals posters WOULD consult (and follow) it, because of wanting to improve the community and the usefulness of the site overall. :-)
(That's not so say there wouldn't be the occasional fun with off-the-wall humorous taggings. We gotta sometimes have our fun just for the sake of having fun, don't we?) :D
But since the lack of consistency in tags is what is always cited as the reason for changing them, we have to have some sort of guideline to follow as at least a starting point. Most of us are smart enough to scan a list of words to pick the 5 which are most appropriate for each of our posts. Any chance of that?


@thunderthighs: And thank you for the explanation to ohcheri (and the rest of us) about the new moderator.


@reginafilangee: I'll repost from a previous thread in my next post - It won't fit with comments. You are always welcome to tag your deals or questions of course but really, that's our job so I wouldn't worry about it.

The following is reposted from:


We use tags for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We're working on being more consistent in tagging questions (and deals) to aid in searches.

For the Deals side, they use tags that match the high-level categories you see at most large online retail sites: clothing, shoes, jewelry, baby, electronics, video-games, etc. Note that two-word tags are connected via a hyphen such as home-improvement.

Ask the Community
The same tags noted above are used in AtC when products are discussed such as requests for product suggestions.

In addition, there are other tags that are commonly used such:

Holidays: christmas, new-years, thanksgiving
General Interest: parenting, health, relationships, food, restaurants, music & many more.

Chat is used with the tag isn't really related to a deal or product. That is, a question that spawns general discussion.

Meta is used for anything that involves Woot! or any of its sites, features, suggestions, ordering, shipping, etc.


@thunderthighs: ...and now @lichme should add in the meta discussion about tags from this question, and your included comment, so that anyone asking about why tags were changed can be pointed to his semi-official FAQ for Deals dot Woot.

With that, I'm off to sleep, perchance to dream. I have tomatoes to can, tomorrow, and I'm behind on planting the midsummer crops.


@ohcheri: My sincerest of apologies. I was the moderator online yesterday who accidentally nuked your Deals. I was nuking a plethora of spam from that were scattered all over, and I must have mistakenly deleted some of your threads. I'm very sorry for the confusion. Please accept my apologies, as this was a fluke and should not occur again.

Much thanks,


@thunderthighs: See, I've seen this answer before, and it doesn't make sense at all in regards to my question & deals from yesterday that had a similar change:

In a nutshell: My tags were changed to something incorrect, when tattled and asked for them to be changed, my deal was deleted. I reposted, and yet again, the tags were changed to absolute uselessness-- "coupon coupon-code scent". I'm sorry, but how do those match high-level categories at online retail sites?


@jezebelseven: That's precisely why I asked that a list of tags from which to choose be provided for reference somewhere on this site.

If they don't want us to worry with it because they're going to do it anyway as part of their job, then it seems to me that just removing that line (where we enter tags ourselves) from the deal-posting screen would be an obvious solution. shrug

Thing is, however, if we could simply scan a "master list" (same one used by the mods) and choose from those tags, I think most of us would do that (and would also choose wisely)...which would make things better all the way around, imo. It would allow our deals to stay up, be more easily found, and eliminate the repetitive threads being posted about individ. situations almost every day. another shrug
(Not meant to imply you were wrong to post this thread--you were certainly right to. But there's a simple fix available to prevent you and others from having to do so, if TPTB would only implement it.)


@thunderthighs: So now someone JUST deleted the review that you'd ASKED @desynergy to post.

@rogetray, I really hope this wasn't you. In addition, if you deleted it following @pinchecat's Tattle, then I'm three times as annoyed by all this.

Jeeze, Louise, folks. Can we PLEASE get some consistency? This is starting to make me very cross.


@shrdlu: I regret to say, YES, it was me. I saw two tattles asking for it to be removed and I wasn't sure it fit the criteria for Questions. I will repost the review myself, and again, sincerest of apologies. I hadn't communicated with @thunderthighs in regards to the review being posted.
I will tread lightly for future Deals protocol and deletions.


@rogetray: Reposting it is one thing, but the comments are now gone. Including mine.

For future, if it looks like there are a lot of comments, and upvotes, and it's old farts (such as myself) commenting, it is wiser to just leave it be. You can always just leave it to JW to handle come Monday, if it needs to be handled. Trust me, in many cases the reason something gets tattled on is not an honest reason. Thanks for the confession though, and I'm glad that I poked you about it.


@shrdlu: "...starting to get cross?" Starting? You have much more patience than I can even begin to comprehend. And you've been here much longer. I'm beyond cross, beyond disappointed, beyond.... Well, let's just say, my trust in, and respect for, deals have diminished a great deal. Some time ago someone asked a question: (note: I'm paraphrasing) 'Do you feel you're not being listened to?' Oh, yes! Not being listened to, no answers on meta questions, deletions of deals & questions for unknown reasons. And on and on. Sad.


@rogetray: Your honesty is refreshing! Thank you very much.