questionsis anyone thinking about switching to republic…


I always need to check the map. I US Cellular or Verizon coverage.


I've said this before. I drive anywhere from 30-40,000 miles a year in the Great Plains region/Rocky Mountains. Verizon is the only service provider that has enough service for me. I don't particularly enjoy their prices, but I am locked in with unlimited data, get my upgrades, and enjoy clear service. Plus the largest 4g network.


As the other two mentioned, coverage is always the biggest concern for me when choosing a plan. There's two big options here in China, China Unicom or China Mobile. China Unicom has better plans, better prices, and is WORLDS cheaper when using data for an iPhone. However their coverage sucks compared to China Mobile, so I choose the latter :)


I just switched to virgin mobile and shelled out a good chunk of money for a triumph so I will be sticking with them for a while especially since I am very happy with the service. It will of course also be important to find out how Republics coverage is.

You have to give them credit though, the thought of paying 20 bucks a month for my cell phone is amazingly alluring.

In the meantime, I say switch to virgin mobile. It's awesome.


+1 to Virgin Wireless. I bought the LG Optimus V online for about $125 and I pay $35/month for unlimited 3G data, Unlimited texting and 300 voice minutes per month without a contract (I think for $10 more a month you can increase voice to 1200 minutes or $20 more gives you unlimited voice as well).

It piggybacks off of the Sprint network so I have no issues with coverage.. at least not around here. The savings for me are huge when compared to my $68/month AT&T plan I was locked in to which came with no data, limited texting but tons of voice I never would use anyway. Heck it cost me almost $3 just to load the one time I tested it out!


I have Boost, I have the shrinkage plan and I am down to $40 a month, my wife had Virgin and she pays $25 a month, we are happy with what we have.


supposed to be able to sign up today, but it's not enabled. or i'm doing something wrong....


@caffeine_dude: It says "You're ready, we're not. Sorry. We're putting some finishing touches on the site" (not verbatim).

That's awesome though. $199 for a sweet phone and an awesome plan - wish I could see the coverage. I'm down. Glad I asked that question...I never would have found out about this.. Sure $199 is a pretty big fee, but the Optiums is probably $100+ anyways right?


When I went to their website there's some pretty graphics but no actual information. I'd like to find out if it is available in my area. I pay about $100 a year for my Tracphone service and it's good enough for me, but this would be only about double that for unlimited use. Here's a dumb question for someone whose phone is just a phone:

Does "unlimited data" mean these phones are web-capable? So I could Google and look up movies and whatnot on them? I've never had one of these micro-computer cum phones and I am not in the loop on what means what in the cell phone world.

Is there a site yet on where this service will be available? I'm in a large but isolated market so we are often slow to get new tech. I wonder if they will extend the sale on the phones since they aren't ready to start offering the service to go with them.


This was found by @drchops, apparently the Optimus is HALF PRICE until Nov. 27.

Use Coupon Code: welcome19

If anyone finds this usful on this thread, be sure to give credit to drchops, I just noticed it hasn't been mentioned here.

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This is tempting. And for those wondering about coverage, if you scroll down the page at, it says that it uses Sprint's cellular network, so I assume that if you're within Sprint's coverage area, you're good.

"Do I need to buy minutes from Sprint or anyone else?
No. We’re the first-ever wireless provider to bundle Wi-Fi calling with access to cellular whenever you need it. Your republic wireless membership includes unlimited calling, texting and data over Wi-Fi and Sprint’s cellular network."