questionsis it possible to modify the deja vu?


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@gatzby: Can you modify your change to reflect the intent of the question?

If anything is should be:

Is it possible to modify the Deja Vu?


@theoneill555 Done, sorry. Thought I had it the first time. =)


I am not sure how deja vu works as I never use it but is there a way to make it work as it was intended (to eliminate duplicates)?

I have tattled on many duplicate deal postings and when I do I leave a comment so that if it is not deleted at least it lets other voters know that it is a duplicate. My comment is usually followed by a comment from the person posting the duplicate deal that it never showed up in the deja vu when they posted.

Can the deja vu be modified to do a secondary search on key words from the deal that is being posted or the site itself prior to submission but after it does the initial URL check?

WHOAH! Deja Vu!


i know this is old but its the most recent question i found on deja vu-

It's happened to me a few times. Its actually kind of frustrating.

And most of the times wooters have sent a deja vu comment with the link to the older deal and i wonder why deja vu didnt pick up on it in the first place.