questionswould you like to see the finished cabinet…


I know I will get downvoted for this, but I do not care I am going to say what is on my mind...

Nice! Looks really good!


Looks great! Can't quite figure out how tall it is, but it looks wonderful! So does the parquet table. We had one very much like that years ago when we were first married. MIL dumped it on us because it was so ratty. We spent days sanding it down and refinishing it. Came out great! A week later she came by to visit and saw it. She immediately decided that she needed it back. Urgh. Not the last time that happened, either.

I think I have the same patio set on my boat, or one much like it. Ours came from Cost Plus/World Market. I refinished it last fall and am not terribly happy with the results. Let me know how yours comes out. I think I need to tackle mine again.


@belyndag: The cabinet is 30" tall. It was a display model of a kitchen cabinet that a flea market vendor picked up when the store went out of business. So it didn't have shelves and had some raw sides. On the dech furniture, I think mine came from World Market. I remember it sold out right away and the manager felt bad when I called, so when they got three sets in on a follow-up truck he set one aside and called me to come get it. It originated in Vietnam and was just dripping with oil when it came. It's so shapey it's very hard to try to do anything with. I need a 55 gallon drum of polyurethane to just dip it in. The environment on my deck is brutal, strong winds and merciless high desert sun magnified by the "cool deck" coating. Nothing lasts for long up there. But in the evenings it is bliss.


Here's a pic of the little table I painted for my reading area. I tried posting it before but I'd forgotten to step down the file size. Every room in my house has a theme, and the theme for the yard is sunflowers, with dragonflies in the back yard and butterflies in the front yard. I have scads of dragonfly themed outdoor decorations back there. That's why I painted the table with sunflowers and a dragonfly. You can't really see it in this pic, but I used glitter nail polish over metallic acrylic paint to give the dragonfly some sparkle, and coated the top with spar varnish.


Nice you hire out? :)


Glad I helped pick the winning looks awesome!


@moondrake: The table rocks too, my wife can paint with shading like that, I have no idea how it is done.


@moondrake: Beautiful stuff! I've never even tried to do things like that!

I suspect that the deck set is the same. We bought a set because it looks so much like teak (I think it's really acacia wood or something like that), and looked wonderful on the back deck of our old boat. Unfortunately, with the heat and humidity here it was covered in mildew after a few years. I used a chlorox-based cleaner to clean it off and it stripped the finish. Once I started, I had to strip all of the pieces. We were leaving the next day to take the boat to a wooden boat festival so I had to refinish it with the only product I had on hand. The color came out looking like pine. Rather yellow. DH likes it, but I miss the teak color.

We tried to buy another set last year, but everything sold out too quickly. We keep watching the World Market ads for another set. It was a great deal and the stuff is really comfy!


Chock full of awesome.

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@jsimsace: Sure, but I think shipping would be prohibitive. LOL. It was really easy, you could definitely do it yourself.

@caffeine_dude: It was a real rush job, my friend arrived just as I was setting up wanting to go to lunch, so I only got an hour to work on it. My blending technique is pretty simple as well. I lay down a thick layer of the dark color on one side, a thick layer of the contrasting color on the other side, wipe the brush, then drag the extra light paint toward the dark. When I get close I start dragging the extra dark paint to the light, and blend them in the middle with just a swipe or two. You just have to be sparing with the blending, as the color gets muddy if you blend it to much on the piece.

Thanks everyone for your support and kind words!


@belyndag: Mold only happens in the refrigerator around here. It's so arid I can forget about a load of clothes in the washer and come back a few days later to find them dry. Wrinkly but otherwise no different than if I'd put them in the dryer. Coasters are rare because beverages don't sweat. I think our furniture needs an environment midway between yours and mine. I'll bet your boat is very beautiful.


@moondrake: do you say happy little 'happy little trees' when you do it?


@moondrake: The humidity here is a challenge. Great for some things, not so good for others. You're right. Somewhere between your climate and mine there is something more comfortable.

And the boat is "a work in progress." The story of even getting it here is a wild one. I haven't updated the website in a long time, but you can check it out here.


@caffeine_dude: If it's working I am thinking silly things having to do with the Light Side and the Dark Side of The Force and how most of us are blended in the middle. If it isn't working I am saying things not permissible on Woot.